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Bush Foods

Pictures and information of bush foods

Joanne Southwell

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Bush Foods

Australian Native Foods These are sometimes known as Bush Foods or Bush Tucker Bush foods were collected by the Aboriginal people.
The Aboriginal people knew what foods were available
throughout the year. Men used boomerangs and spears to
hunt animals Barramundi - found
in Northern Australia Emu Kangaroo - normally cooked
in a pit oven Women gathered native
fruits, vegetables, seeds, eggs
and insects. Bunya Nuts Davidson Plums Finger limes Illawarra plum Kakadu plum Macadamia nuts
These are the only Australian native food exported internationally Lilly Pilly Caperberries Rock Oysters Rosella flowers Lemon Myrtle Quandong Warrigal Greens Pandanus turtle eggs Witchetty grubs Wattle seeds
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