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adding integers

math learning skills

Tasia Owens

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of adding integers

integers step 1:
see if in the problem the symbols are the same!
step 2:
if symbols are the same
then you look at whether you add or subtract. -1+-6=
Example step 3:
then by looking at the example shown
you add. then if the symbols are the
same then you take the the same exact
symbol and place that in
front of your
answer. so now that we know what we are supposed to do now lets go back and go solve our example. + = example: explanation: if yu have the summer plus the winter then you
add both of them together than their both positive so you just add
both of them together and you get summer and winter. -1+-6=-7 examplem workout and answer!~!
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