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De Mario Vargas LLosa a Paul Gaughin

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Jacob Cervantes

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of De Mario Vargas LLosa a Paul Gaughin

Alana H.
Amanda C.
Isabela G.
Jacob C.
Paolo L.

From Mario Vargas LLosa to Paul Gaughin
Born in Arequipa, Perú. On 1934
Writer during the "Latinamerican Boom"
Admired Flora Tristán
Writer of "La casa verde", "La ciudad y los perros" ,and "Paraíso en la otra esquina".

Mario Vargas Llosa
Peruan family.
Ran away from France and only took one child with her (Aline).
Arrives to Peru and attempts to get her inheritance. (from her dad)
She wrote during her journey "Peregrinaciones de una Patria"
Flora Tristán
Aline's son.
Born in Peru on 1848 (4 years after his grandmother's death)
Post-impressionist painter.
His goal was to go beyond any known form of art.
He changed art during the XXth century.
Influenced mainly by Picasso and Matisse.
Paul Gaughin
Both were born in Peru.
The author (Vargas) was interested in the lives of both of them. (Gauguin and Tristán).
Both characters have social and political utopias.
"El paraíso en la otra esquina"
"El paraíso
en la otra esquina"
Llosa's style:
Many times inspired by the attempt to reach perfection. Most likely seen in aesthetic and functional structures.
He compares the naturalness of the two characters that inspired him to creat his work
"Communicating Vessels"
Llosa uses communicatin vessels to combine Tristan's and Gauguin's life.


Google Books, Mario Vargas Llosa's biography.
Google Books, Paul Gauguin's biography.
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