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Copy of Pedagógus

No description

Ferenc Arató

on 17 November 2016

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Transcript of Copy of Pedagógus

Competence models
9 elements model of teacher competences
subject specific elements of teaching and learning competences
subject specific competences
transversal competences
cognitive, learning competences
carrier competences
Horizontal aspects and guidelines of teacher training at University of Pécs
Context of institution development
Intercultural, inclusive environment
Multiperspectivity in understanding
Two Pillars of Teacher Training
ISE modell
Romani Studies
History of education,
comparative studies
Courses and practices of pedagogy, psichology,
and educational sciences
Subject teaching and learning courses
Disciplinary courses
School visits, observations, case studies, school projects, research studies
Subject oriented practice in partner schools
Follow up and mentoring courses
Follow up mentoring group:

university teachers
mentor teachers
Post-graduate mentor training
In-service mentor training,
coaching programs, workshops
Individual practice (5 month/ 1 year)
Institutional mentoring group: head,
mentor teacher, interdisciplinary
group of teachers/staff
Described repertoire of school from
the aspect of the competence models
Quality insuranced procedures
of mentoring
Post-graduate programs for teachers
In-serivce workshops and trainings
Innovation: developmental tools for teaching and learning
Post-graduate programs for teachers
In-serivce workshops and trainings
Innovation: developmental tools for teaching and learning
Mentoring procedures for practicioners
Horizontal, regional workshops and trainings
Innovation: exchange of good practices
Institutional mentoring group: head, mentor teacher
interdisciplinary group of teachers/staff
Doing by learning
Learning by doing
What am I doing here?
What can I learn here?
How can I practice it?
Can I bring learners closer?
Can I do it in an autonomous and responsible way?
Protfolio issues
Dr. Ferenc Arató (PhD)
University of Pécs - Hungary
Institute of Educational Sciences
Competences or/and Structures? Competences Based
Development wiin Cooperative Structures
TEPE 2014 - Zagreb

Awareness and self-reflection
Reflective practice and interest
Autonomy and Responsibility
Dialogue - Diversity - Subsidiary - Inclusion - Participation
Act within the Big Picture
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