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Choice Boards & Differentiated Homework

No description

Kara Wiley

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Choice Boards & Differentiated Homework

Differentiation by Product:
Activities can require different types of work.

Mitosis = create a story or draw a cartoon or make Flash animation Differentiation by Process:
Activities can be selected based on student learning styles. Differentiation of Content:
Activities can address different skill levels.

One reading passage = extension on locating information or extension on summarizing Choice Board: an organizer that contains a variety of activities. It provides students with options to practice skills or extend the curriculum. Grading:
Students are required to complete 10 extensions per unit
Extensions are usually worth 10 points each, for a total of 100 points
Some extensions are worth more than 10 points, depending on level of difficulty
Blue- and black-level quizzes count as extension points
Recorded in gradebook once a week
Checked as "do not include in final grade" until the week before grades are due Advantages of Extension Assignments:
Allows student choice of both what and when
Addresses varying needs of students
Eliminates class downtime
Increase interest in homework
Encourages independence Potential Problems:
Requires extra work to set up
Some students complete many extra...grading issue
The work to be graded can quickly pile up
Develop work of appropriate level of difficulty Continuous, as homework (Extension Activities:)

for each unit, students are required to complete 10 extension assignments
these can be completed during class or as homework
assignments are displayed in the back of the room in plastic boxes
assignments change once a week How to get started:
1. Focus on the standards and benchmarks of the current unit.
2. Develop activities that are based on a variety of both learning styles and skill levels. (Use old worksheets and activities, but don't necessarily require them for every student.)
3. Include both practice of skills and content used in class, and extensions beyond the required curriculum.
4. Allow for student-designed extensions.
5. Create a rubric for grading purposes.* Now it's your turn.... Civil war: watch video or read passage or listen to podcast or interpret a map Using Choice Boards: Differentiated Homework Theme: Finding the Balance/Informed Teaching Outcomes:
1. Strategy for implementing differentiated instruction
2. Review of differentiation (product, process, etc.)
2. Concrete examples
3. Model for incorporating into grading system
4. Rough draft of lesson plan ideas or alternate (time permitting.) STUDENT VIDEO HERE Time allowing, include an activity portion

Close with exit cards or think-pair-share question *Carol Tomlinson Choice Board Use:
Isolated (a one-block lesson)
Extended (project)
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