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Women and Children in Ancient India

No description

Bianca Smith

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Women and Children in Ancient India

About Women
Women weren't always inferior to men. They actually shared an equal status with men. It's said that women were also well educated. Women were also aloud to choose their own husband. Over time, women's status diminished. Even having daughters were considered a burden.
Women were inferior
Women's importance to society went down. Soon, they were not given as much freedom as they used to. Also, women's opinions didn't matter in political decisions. They were seen as a dishonor to the family.
Children Entertainment
Children's Marriage
Children usually marry with
about 13 to
17 years old.
Most children marriages
were arranged marriages.

Ancient Indian kids started school at age six. Most schools in India were boarding schools. Children didn't see their parents until the holidays.
Women and Children in Ancient India
Reformers and emperors like Asoka (an ancient emperor lived 204 to 232 BC) protested women's rights. Due to their attempts, women slowly regained their rights.
Women's Marriage
Women were allowed to have many husbands and divorced with all of them. This kind of marriage was called Swayamvara.
What did children do all day? Similar to today, they also played lots of games. They had an idea that they could through animal bones to tell the future. Kids also played with dice which they carved out of bones. Around 600 AD, they started playing chess.
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Clothes were mostly made out of cotton. Women wore a large piece of cloth which they wrapped around themselves in different ways. This sryle of clothing is called "sari''. The wealthiest women wore a silk sari from China. They also put on a lot of jewelry.

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