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No description

Sarah Booker

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Carnival

About Rebecca Lindenberg
BA from College of William & Mary
PhD in literature and creative writing at the University of Utah
Guest blogger for
Best American Poetry Blog
Carnival (Our meaning prediction)
Stuff that happens at carnivals such as food, rides, clowns, smells, and sights.
Everyone is different in their own unique way.
Everyone hides behind a mask.
Figurative Language
Masks are clearly hiding something
"A glower that hides wanting"
Rebecca Lindenberg
Performed by Destiny, Sarah, & Emily
Line 7
"A moonface, with a healed gash that means
Shifts from talking about how the masks look to what they mean
Line 14
"Pass me the rouged mask"
Shifts from talking about meanings and appearances to what the author wants.
Title (Our post-reading meaning)
You never truly know who a person is
Every person is unique in their own way
Works Cited
unknown, . "Rebecca Lindenberg." The Poetry Foundation. Ed. unknown. Poetry Foundation, n.d. Google. Web. 14 Nov. 2013. <http://www.poetryfoundation.org/bio/rebecca-lindenberg>.
Simile Examples
"The mask that burns like a violin"
"The mask that sighs like a woman"
"A mask that looks like a mask but isn't"
Personification Examples
"The mask that burns"
"The mask that sings"
"...that loves the destruction"
"The mask that sighs"
"A glower that hides
"The mask that snows coins"
Repetition Examples
Everyone is hiding behind a "mask"
Theme: You never truly know who a person is
Every person puts up a front or a "mask" in an effort to become a likeable person, so you can't really tell who someone is unless they take off their mask.
Theme: Every person is unique in their own way
Each mask represents a different personality and the differences in each human being
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