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The Elements

Author: Faith Roley

†Faith Roley†

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of The Elements

Alex Hanson

Alia Hitchcock

Faith Roley

Levi Clues
Thunder Shadow

Thunder Blood
The Elements
Characters from the story

Author: Faith
Corey Paulson
Nico Claw
Mr. Gangl
Bloody Spirit
Queen Elemental
Rachel Roley
Kelly Blenson
Isabelle Armstrong
Little Wolf
Ice Blink
Wind Clue
Shadow is a very special wolf.
She can see spirits and control
shadows. In the future, she is the main
leader of the Spirit Keepers.
Star is one of Shadows favorite friends. She is a very skilled hunter and runs over 200 mi. per hr!

Storm was born in the demon world, daughter
of Bloody Spirit. She did not like her fathers ways, so
she ran away. She is the sky leaders for war and she has been Star's friend for years. She has to shave her horns every few hours so that no one can know that
she is a demon.
Thunder Shadow used too be Shadows boyfriend, and he is also a Spirit Keeper, and can also see spirits and control shadows.
Thunder Blood is also Shadow's best friend
and also a Spirit Keeper. He is Star's Boyfriend.
Bolt is a half-friend to Shadow. He is also
Thunder Shadow's cousin. He is also a Spirit Keeper.
Nico Claw is very special for he was also born a demon, but adopted. There are two demon clans: Hades and Horn co. He was adopted in Horn co. He is Shadows mate. He captures spirits , protects and keeps them in honor of his dead mother, Shy Whisp.
Bloody Spirit is Queen Elements Brother. When Queen Elemental distroyed her family, he asccaped, lost his leg, and drank a potion to drink. The potion went wrong, and now he is part wolf part dragon, with a robot leg and jaw, trying to seek revenge on his sister and her children.
Queen Elemental was named Stormy when she was born. She hated her home, her friend the dragon(Name not found), gave her a stone of magic. Her name was changed to Queen Elemental, and after she had three children,she grew two more tails, till she got eleven. She has Eleven pup's in all, who are now alpha's.
Willow is a office commander, who teaches fighting skills at nature pack. She has a kind heart, but passed away when took a wrong slash with a sword and turned into her soul when striked by Bloody Spirit.
Is Shadow's friends and is also Spirit Keeper.
She can howl for hours non stop and help will come from 201 miles away.
Ice Blink is one of Queen Elemental daughters. She control's the snow and ice, playing a lot with her best brother, Wind Clue
Wind Clue is one of Queen Elemental son's. He control's wind and spirits.
He is second wisest son's then his other brothers.
Jacob Olson
White Fang
White Fang is Shadow's older brother.
He is the best fighter around. He moved from
Moon pack to Thunder pack.
He has also had a crush on Ice Blink sense he first met her, when Queen Elemental created the magic.
Gavin Gowdy
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