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kelly leung

on 12 September 2012

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Transcript of Nestle

Nestle began back in 1867, when Henri Nestle developed a milk-based food for babies. Within five years nestle milk was sold all around the world. Soon nestle diversified into other products, like condensed products followed by a move in the chocolate industry.
Today nestle is committed to providing good food for good living. How Nestle started How Nestle has changed Nestle has lots of ways of promoting their company, brands products. Nestle Promotions Nestle also advertises by using mass marketing. Nestle has been using television to promote their products such as ads. Mass marketing Nestle has an official Facebook page so they can share their products and company brand with communities and communicate with people across the world about nestle products and their company. Internet Marketing The Nestle cocoa plan is a public relation for nestle. It is trying to maintain is good name and their relationship between their consumers. They plan to stop the cutting down of forest and help communities in West Africa, they will help children with better education and families have a brighter future. The Nestle Cocoa Plan Nestle is a worldwide know brand it has lots of competitors like Unilever, Cadbury and Kraft foods. Product Differentiation Over the years Nestle has changes a lot, for the better, they had produced many new products to their brands and had even made some of them better.
Nestle has new products in development, like UNCLE TOBYS Oat Slice – made with natural Australian Oats. They have developed this product full of the natural goodness of UNCLE TOBYS oats with no artificial colors or flavors, and is a good source of fiber and 20% of your daily Wholegrain target. Product Enhancement Nespresso commercial Nestle also advertises their company by using billboard. They have place billboards with their brands around the world, in very busy highways, buildings etc. Billboards KitKat billboard on the highway Nesquik billboard in time square Nestles Logo This logo was launched by Henri nestle in 1868 In 1938, the traditional nest design was combined with the "Nestle" name to form what is called the combined mark. In 1875 Henri Nestle obtain a french patent for this logo In 1966 the design was simplified. In 1988,It is said that this logo was meant to better illustrate the activities of the company, no longer active only in nutrition, and to reflect the average modern family of two children. The logo we know now has just been simplified. Maggi noodles is a brand of instant noodles manufactured by Nestlé. Maggi noodle come in many packaging that are convenient like maggi's ready to go cups, all you have to do is pour hot water in and wait around 2 minutes. Convenience Also Nescafé is a brand of instant coffee made by Nestlé.
Nestle has place Nescafe coffee machines in train stations, so customers can enjoy a nescafe anywhere. Nestle brands and products are sold in many countries in many supermarkets and discount variety stores like coles, big w and Woolworth and their prices range from high to low. Value A way Nestle differentiates them-selves is by the convenience of the products. Nestle went from selling a milk-based food for babies to having well-known brands around the world. Nestle now manufacturing brands like MILO, ALLEN'S, NESCAFÉ and many more. Nestles products Environmental issues The NESCAFÉ Plan The Nescafe plan is environmentally friendly. Nescafe has made a new packaging for their product, which uses less energy and water to manufacture. The End Nestle Milo Milo was invented in the 1934. It was launched at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.
It is a delicious chocolate malt energy drink packed with vitamins and minerals.
Just one glass of MILO with milk provides children with 50% of their daily iron, calcium, Vitamin B and Vitamin C needs.
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