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Tennis Racquets

Ahmad Nabi-Bidhendi

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of PASS

By; Ahmad, Fullong & Tommy Technology in Tennis Racquets Speed Stability Sweet Spot Technology Prince 03 Strings & Handle (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr The End Tommy: 11-14 & 25-26
Ahmad: 8-10,19-21,24
Fullong: 3, 6-7,21-23 The frame is basically static which holds the driving force of the racquet, the strings, in place. Conventional racquets have strings that are attached to the frame which limits the performance of said driving force. The strings in Babolat racquets are attached to both sides of the frame. Only some strings are active when struck by the ball.
What this means is that racquets do not deliver their full potential. Babolat set out to imagine a racquet optimizing the frame and the strings - to invent a frame which permits all the strings to work together to their full potential when striking the ball, hence, Woofer Technology. Pulley Function

•The Woofer allows the strings to move.
•The whole surface area reacts on impact with the Woofer, more strings work together when striking the ball.
Piston Function

•Increase the trampoline effect: the piston function enables greater surface deformation on impact.
•Shock absorption: the pistons act like a suspension system to damp vibrations pascals are the unit of measurement for internal pressure or stress. graphite = carbon fibre mixed with a plastic resin. 60:40 15-18 yes i am, for fullong first. The babolat woofer is a frame which permits all the strings to work together to their full potential when striking the ball.
This new piece of technology allows for an increase in the trampoline effect which basically means that the strings are capable of moving instead of being completely stiff and will stretch upon impact with the ball but will quickly
return to it's original shape.
There is also an increase in shock absorption as impact forces are distributed evenly amongst the strings. This means that the whole surface area reacts on impact with the ball and more strings are allowed to work together leave info on the side, peeps wont see it (cc) image by jantik on Flickr er... what is string freedom

strings can move better (not restricted and tight)

in woofer, the strings atuall expand to the shape of the ball. im making your palm card im good to go with the rest. its just 13-15 that i might need help ok i do dat gtg im going to school now. i made palmcard for your 13-14, and all of fullong.
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