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Easter in Hungary

If you ever wanted an excuse to dump a bucket of water on someone, this Easter Monday is your chance!

Judit Klein

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Easter in Hungary

Easter in
Hungary Image credit: http://eross-666.deviantart.com/art/agua-png-314077552 Easter egg decoration is an old folk tradition in Hungary. In exchange, the women must treat the men with dessert, beverages and hand-painted eggs. Itt a húsvét, eljött végre,

A szép lányok örömére.

Mert a lányok szép virágok,

Illatos víz illik rájok.

Kit húsvétkor nem locsolnak,

Hervadt virág lesz már holnap.

Ne fuss el hát, szép virágom,

Locsolásért csókod várom! Easter is here, now finally,

For the delight of girls, all so pretty.

For girls, pretty blooms are they yet,

Scented water they should get.

And whomever does not get an Easter shower,

Tomorrow, she'll be a faded flower.

So my pretty bloom, Do not run away,

Your kiss, for sprinking you, I do expect! http://www.jcu.edu/language/hunghemu/hungh6AS.html http://www.dltk-kids.com/world/hungary/mpaperfolk.htm On Easter Monday, boys and girls dress in traditional Hungarian garb. The boys visit houses in the neighborhood and recite poems to girls and sprinkle them with cologne This is known as 'Húsvéti Locsolás' or 'Easter Sprinkling.' Water is believed to have a cleaning, healing and fertility effect so historically instead of cologne... ...men threw buckets of water! Kellemes Húsvéti
ünnepeket! Happy Easter! http://csiga42.deviantart.com/art/Hungarian-Folk-Brushes-47030848 http://folkcostume.blogspot.co.nz/2011/11/embroidery-of-kalocsa-bacs-kiskun.html http://photoblog.nbcnews.com/_news/2011/04/21/6507371-annual-watering-of-the-girls-goes-back-centuries?lite http://www.xpatloop.com/news/72884 http://www.jcu.edu/language/hunghemu/hunghe6a.htm
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