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Stages of Psychosocial Development Lifetime

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delaila woldai

on 9 December 2014

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Transcript of Stages of Psychosocial Development Lifetime

Stage 1: Trust Vs. Mistrust (Birth-18 months)
Event #2:
When I was one years old my mother always use to change my cloth for me and make sure I was clean.
Stage 2: Autonomy Vs. Shame ( 2-3 years)
Event #1
: When I was two years old I was being potty trained and I was able to know when to go to the bathroom when I needed to.
Stage 3: Initiative Vs. Guilt (3-5 years)
Event #1:
When I was four years old my mother took me to the playground near our house for the first time, ever since then I always asked her to go everyday and we did.
Stage 5: Identity Vs. Role Confusion (12-18 years)
Event #1:
When I was twelve years old I realized how much I enjoyed younger children and also had interest in becoming a doctor. I wanted to become a pediatrician. I started volunteering at a day care when I was 12 years old.
Stage 6: Intimacy Vs. Isolation (19-40 years)
Event #1:
When I was 21 years old in college I met Mark in one of my classes and he became my boyfriend until I was 23.

Stage 4: Industry Vs. Inferiority (6-11 years)
Event #1:
When I was seven years old I stared learning basic math, reading and writing. At this age I joined a homework club with my friends.
Delaila Woldai's Stages of Psychosocial Development Lifetime
Event #1:
When I was a new born baby my mother made sure that I was feed and had enough sleep.
Event #2:
At age 11 when I became a middle school student, I had to adapt to studying more since classes were getting more difficult and required more time to do my homework than when I was in the fifth grade so I could get the best grades.
In this stage I was reliable on my mother to take care of me and do things for me that I couldn't do myself. I developed hope.
This stage shows my adaptation to the work a new school and grade level requires as well as my development of competence.
Event #2
: At age three I was able to brush my own teeth and started picking out my own cloth and did not need help from my parents.
At this stage I was developing determination. I was independent and had control over these physical skills.
Event #2:
When I was five years old I went to the swimming pool once a week during the spring and summer.
In this stage I was able to assert control and power of going to the playground and swimming pool and develop purpose.
Event #2:
At age 23 I got married to Mark and we had our first child together.
At this stage I was able to form a strong romantic relationship with my classmate and develop love.
Stage 7: Generativity Vs. Stagnation
(40-65 years)
When I was 41 years old I finally finished my residency and became a pediatrician, which brought in more money.

My husband and I decided to have our second child when I was 42 years old.
In this stage we had a higher income and were able to raise another child. This stage shows my development of a caring attitude since I was able to earn the position of a pediatrician and care for my newborn and family.
Stage 8: Integrity Vs.Despair (65-Death)
Event #1:
I am 72 years old now and glad that my children are above thirty and have their own houses, families and great jobs.

Event #2:
I am happy that I had my first child in my twenties and that I am able to see my children experience life and also enjoy the rest of my life without fearing death and see my grandchildren grow.
In this stage I reflected back on my life and saw how happy I was with it and I never would change a thing about it if I had the opportunity to. This shows my development of success and wisdom.
Event #2:
Now I am seventeen years old and still am volunteering at the same day care, I still have the dream of becoming a pediatrician.
This stage shows my development of loyalty; staying true to myself and being consistent in what I want to become.
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