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simple past

negative, interrogative, affirmative

victor carrillo

on 28 October 2013

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Transcript of simple past

Simple past

El ingles se utiliza el past simple para hablar de acciones que sucedieron acabaron en el pasado
Yesterday, I
my favorite movie.
Ayer vi mi pelicula favorita
2. En ingles a menudo los verbos en past simple acaban en “ED” (verbos regulares):

My brother
in Arica for three years
Mi hermano trabajo en Arica por tres ...........
3. En ingles muchos verbos son irregulares y no acaban en “ED”

a poem for his girlfriend yesterday
Fernando escribio un poema para su polola yesterday

Remember that:

Regular verbs end = ED

Irregular verbs = changes their pronunciation and the spelling
4. En ingles para frases negativas e interrogativas se utiliza

DID = interrogative

DID NOT, DIDN’T = negative


Negative =
He didn’t / did not
like the food in the school.

A el no le gusta la comida en la escuela

Interrogative = Did he like the food in the school ?

A el le gusta la comida en la escuela ?
Grammatical structure
Formative: subject + verb in the past + complement

she studied english yesterday

Negative: subject + negative did not + verb in present + complement

they did not study english

Interrogative: did + subject + verb in present + complement ?

did you study english ?
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