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Caylee Pan

on 31 December 2016

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Transcript of SOLDIER DOG

Stanley Goes to War
When Stanley went to the Task Manager he had to be 18 or older to join one of the jobs. But since he was only 14 he lied about his age. So he sign into a job to clean the horses. Then he saw a
sign on the wall that
said; Messenger Dog
Service. Those working
with animals please
sign in if interested.
In Lancashire, England a boy named Stanley lives with his father and older brother, Tom. He also had a dog named Rocket. His mother had passed away and his brother has gone out for World War 1
to fight for the
Stanley's father
was so heart-
broken that got
more and more strict each day.
Sam Angus
Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2.Stanley Goes to War
3.Character Sketch
4.Essay of Place
One day Rocket had a few children. At her last one, Stanley's eyes nearly popped out. Stanley especially loved this puppy because its golden coat reminded him about his brother, Tom. Since
there was
so many pups,
decided to give some of the puppies to his friends. When Stanley started to take care of the dogs, he started to give them names. The last name he gave to was the one with the golden coat. This dog was so precious to him so he named him Soldier.
Stanley's father hated that Stanley was having such a good time that he threatened to hurt Soldier. He threw the little poor pup in the backyard. That's when Stanley ran away and went join the English Army without his dog.
Happy about the opportunity to have a job like this, Stanley had to train dogs to sense that there is bombing somewhere, to avoid bombs,and carry messages to a specific person. He would have to train a dog named Bones. By then many people
were friends with Stanley. Now he was afraid that someone
will catch him being underaged. So he kept training dogs
until one day, his dog was tested to see if it was well trained
enough to go to battle. Soon the dog passed the test. Stanley
entered a boat full of soldiers, injured and not injured. They were heading towards Paris to battle. When the German Army got there, they were invading Paris. The Germans broke the communication wires in Paris so they couldn't send messages.
Soon enough, they were at Paris. And since the communication wires were destroyed, a human being would need to risk their life's to send messages. They couldn't use a pigeon because they predicted that the pigeons would fly away. So Stanley told the Captain to send his dog instead a human. At first, the Captain refused because he thought that a dog couldn't send a message but then
he was forced to because he realized that his people started
disappearing. So the Captain sent Bones to send the message.
When Bones came back, Stanley saw that he had an injury.
Because of the injury, the dog couldn't send any more messages.
Stanley had another dog to train but he thought that dog might
get injured too. Stanley found out that the dog he had to train
was named Pistol. Pistol's number was 1742. And on that day he received a letter from his dad. The letter said that his dad was sorry that he had been so rough to Stanley and his dog, Soldier was in English Army for Messenger Dogs. Soldier's number was 1742. Stanley finally knew that Pistol was his dog.Then something sad happens but I don't want to spoil any more of the story. So lets move on...

Character Sketch
''Jake loved playing cards but he never won. Well
at least against me.'' This is a quote in the beginning
of the book. I can relate this to one of my old schools,
Perth. There was a girl, named Mina that mastered any
game in a few weeks. We would usually play cards when it was indoor lunch recess. She was pretty challenging, but I usually won. Not always, but usually. Then we easily
became friends. We'd also sometimes made card towers
which are pretty fun to
and its also pretty fun
when they fall. Here
is a picture of
Essay of Place
''We are heading towards Paris. It was a long way
there.'' This is when Stanley is going to Paris to
fight in war. I can also relate this when I was going to
Center Island with my cousin, Leah.
We had a long ride there which was
also on a boat. Me and my cousin
had a fight there in Center Island.
It wasn't war but we had a big
fight. But the sights in Center Island is very
beautiful, just like Paris, even though I had a
big fight there I still had a great time.



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