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World Logistics Center

No description

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of World Logistics Center

World Logistics Center
Iddo Benzeevi
CEO of Highland Fairview
World Logistics Center
41.6 million square feet
Marketing campaign
Door to door
included in the publications
South Coast Air Quality Management District: "up to 29,000 diesel trucks a day with comparable pollution from an oil refinery"
Developer of 1.8 million square foot
Sketchers warehouse
Owner of a 1000 acres in and around
Moreno Valley
10,000 Jobs
2 billion annually towards the city
Nation's largest master-planned warehouse
700 football fields
Mailing pamphlets & brochures
Seeking supporters
The complete environmental impact:
Over estimated projections:
The Sketchers job projection was 2,500 jobs of which only 700 were created, most of which are part-time and low-wage
Benzeevi's association with political corruption investigation
Gave $300,000 to support current mayor Tom Owings who is currently facing a recall due to his alleged corruption in the construction of the Sketchers warehouse
"Those opposed are few but loud, and they are counting on you to stay silent so they can bully their way into derailing our proposal with just a few loud voices."
-Iddo Benzeevi
Has provided thousands in support of city counsel members and campaigns that have favored his business
Helped defeat two former Moreno Valley council members opposed to his plans for the Sketchers warehouse
From 2005 to 2010 he contributed $425,500 to inland area elections
Is it ethical for a corporation to use its financial weight to alter public policy?
How can it be done to respect the 3 Ps?
By Sergio Estrada
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