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Future tenses

No description

Arely Cam

on 22 March 2018

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Transcript of Future tenses

Future tenses
Will, expresses a future fact
It's a neutral use, the speaker predicts future without expressing an intention, plan or personal judgment.

rise tomorrow
have class on Thursday
Will also expresses an offer
We will help you to clean up the mess
am going to travel
this weekend
are going to have
dinner on Saturday
m going to study
a PHD in applied linguistics
going to get
To express intentions, plans, ideas, decisions or any thoughts you have about

Express a future decision made
at the moment
of speaking
I will eat an ice cream as soon as the class is over
Present continuous with the verbs go and come
I'm going home next weekend

We are going anywhere there

I'm coming late for dinner tomorrow night, I've got too much work to do

My parents are coming to visit us this weekend

Previous arrangements
I'm playing tennis this afternoon

My mom is working tomorrow

Edward is visiting his relatives in Toronto next Weekend

We are receiving our new car on Friday
Going to
- It expresses a future decision, intention or plan made before the moment of speaking

- It expresses something we can see or think or feel now and it is certain to happen in the future.
- It expresses a future decision made at the moment of speaking

-I t expresses a future fact in a neutral use; the speaker predicts the future without expressing and intention, plan or personal judgement

- It also expresses an offer

- It expresses promises
Present continuous
- It expresses a plan future arrangement.

- I expresses future plans and arrangements with verbs go and come
Come on, I'll give u a lift
is going to be
super intelligent
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