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POST-IT CITY_occasional cities

A presentation made by 3 students of Politecnico di Milano: Savitri, Matteo, Vincenzo.

Matteo Rapini

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of POST-IT CITY_occasional cities

occasional cities In contrast to the ideals of the city as a place of consensus and consumption, temporary occupations of space reaffirm use value, reveal different needs and lacks that affect given collectives and the subjective imagination. THE EXHIBITION: BARCELONA 13th March-25th May 2008 Centre de Cultura Contemporania 1 year+6 months over 2000 contacts 200 submissions 78 cases EUROPE 16 ASIA 14 AFRICA 4 SOUTH AMERICA 11 NORTH AMERICA 5 CITIES 19 BARCELONA SECTION + "Like a text made up of post-its, the contemporary city is occupied temporarily by compartments that leave no trace -just like post-its do in books-, that appear and disappear recurrently, that have their forms of communication and attraction which are increasingly difficult to ignore". Giovanni La Varra temporariness non-codification intensification of unsuspected spaces unpolitical informality POST-IT CITY MAIN CHARACTERISTICS: PHENOMENA RESULTING FROM: political/cultural reasons planning economic reasons errors dynamics of exclusion and marginalization lost "urban memory" + “In the traditional city, antique, medieval or Renaissance, urban memory was easy enough to define; it was that image of the city that enabled the citizen to identify with its past and present as a political, cultural and social entity; [...] the city might be recognized as ‘home’, as something not foreign, and as constituting a moral and protected environment for actual daily life”. "As a result of ethnic and social diversity and segregation in modern cities, it is difficult to create a collective urban memory with which citizens can identify. Therefore, uncanny conditions and obscure identifications with place lead to urban discourses based on fear and the need for safety and security. Urban ghettos, peripheries of city centers, gated communities, and other urban areas whose inhabitants have diverse cultural, economical and social backgrounds are permeated with those discourses even if they are not based on real facts. Racism and homophobia often result". Anthony Vidler Pelin Tan + architects+urban planners from legibility of space codified urban territory lived space disciplined space to traditional public space = contemporary public space = private interest
+ common good multiplicity of exclusions informal city: formal city: EXCLUSIVE WEALTH EXCLUDED POOR MAIN CAUSES: demand for constant surveillance repression of everything shows a hint of discrepancy neither confrontation nor exploration REBELLION DISSENT SURVIVAL ART LANDSCAPE INFRASTRUCTURES SURVIVAL COMMERCIAL SEXUAL POLICY CUSTOMS LEISURE SUBVERSIVE REUSE IDEA-LISTA.org 54 Visitors to the site could look up the different types of homes available in the Greater Barcelona Area using the classic concepts of rental or purchase TOKIO VOIDS 19 The houseless have the desire to be ignored by ordinary Tokyo life and vice versa GARDE L'EST 21 Far away from their roots, the immigrants' suspension, both physical and mental, is embodied in their belongings hanging from the trees. REPUBLICA DE VENEZUELA 27 The building has thus become a kind of city in the centre of the city OLD WRECK CITY 20 Car-homes are light, momentary objects which are mostly imperceptible 23 CHATARSTVI Each construction creates a world of its own, an escape from day-to-day reality as well as from rigid housing typologies HOMESTREETHOME 59 Every night, the city is decorated like a home 10 CROSS-BORDER SUBURBIAS No matter how high and long the post-9/11 border wall becomes, it will always be transcended by migrating populations 2 TU PARTE SALADA It is an informal market in Buenos Aires, a strategic field where the identity of immigrants and workers is affirmed 9 STREET ECONOMY ARCHIVE After a deep economic crisis, the street commerce of mexico supplied all the basic services in the city Cases: 6 ECONOMIC BORDERS One of the first examples of commercial and communication globalization in these places, far from any common media progress in technology 1 TAIPEI: PROTOTYPE OF URBANITY Simple transportable stands create micro-occasional cities plug in to energy and water sources 8 STREET FOOD HANOI A woman with a pole balanced across her shoulders is hanging from one side whatever you may need for eating 28 EL 7 A paradigm of the informal economic dynamics that operate in the city of Bogotá ECONOMIC BORDERS 56 Public space is occupied temporarily to become a place-shop 3 UNREAL ESTATE OF CHINA A fictional character (Pixel) becomes the medium through which spaces/places are explored 67 VALENCIA urban adaptation towards the old infrastructures 47 UTOPIAN DEBRIS Landscape is cynically shown like a mere space used for the development of our society 37 GAS STATION The new meeting places are service areas, shopping-centre car parks, communal areas in large architectural complexes and bus stations 4 JARMAR EUROPA A public stadium becomes the public scenario of a market 30 BALNEARIO MAPOCHO RIVER An urban intervention designed to construct a veiled visibility of the use of the Mapocho River by homeless teenagers 16 POST PROGRAMMED CITY_TERRITORY: FARKADONA The residents of the community still live under conditions of degradation, ghettoization and “exception" 40 DO AND UNDO The festival represents a critical stance towards consumerism, allowing no commerce BENAUSENHAUSEN 14 The Wagenplatz – wagon and trailer settlements – have organized the space in this urban void, and still survive today 33 LOS DIABLOS ROJOS The buses that go through the streets of Panama City are a meta-institutional phenomenon 41 ALL CITY WRITERS graffiti retains the power to become part of an antisocial system 64 BERLIN There are a lot of unused spaces inside the city that work as air-pollution filters and social relaxation zones 68 SEVILLA/CORDOVA/MALAGA urban guerrillas claims their rights on the planet, and opposing to artificial urban growth processes run against the municipal government policies 18 TINDUF The Algerian region of Tinduf is one of the most arid and extreme zones in the Sahara, meaning that self-sufficiency is practically impossible 15 BUFFER ZONE, NICOSIA The Green Line is just a “mindscape” through which politics, the media, the economy and high and low culture unfold their weak 46 ANSAR Roi Kuper photographed the deserted parts of the prison that still bear their affiliations MICROINDUSTRIES DE JARDINERIA, NAIROBI 45 Post-its have spread themselves like parasites across these impromptu nurseries 26 CARPETS BLANKETS Universal urban ornamentation and social and economical reality of poverty and low-culture 32 CORA GARRIDO To resocIalize through sport the poor, marginalized people who live there 34 JUGAR CONTRA LA CORRIENTE The children play on a slope in the streets and draw out the pitch on the ground, struggling against weight and altitude 53 SUNDAYING CITY These practices involve resistance to the unworkable public space offered by the Barcelona Model BCN XUTA. BAIXA AL CARRER Y MARCA UN GOL! 61 Suitable space let people change the rules of the game and adapt to their setting 13 SCARY ASIAN MEN Anonymous individuals, sitting or relaxing in the fake green zones around the motorway that connects the Asian part of Istanbul with the European part 38 ARTIFICIAL ARCADIA When people occupy an empty landscape this can be considered as an initial, transient programming process 25 LOISAIDA Groups of activists have mobilized the entire neighborhood to save their self-run spaces 17 MOVIMENTI DI CONFINE The flow is observed in the calm of objects that seem to have been abandoned in empty, unused spaces 42 BIG SEXYLAND The documentation of people and their movement in forgotten or unplanned spaces 57 URBAN INTIMACY Prostitutes make a commercial space for themselves, "shop windows" to catch the attention of passing trade WHAT TO LEARN FROM POST-IT CITY: underline their political potential appreciate their heterotopia add value to the existing rethink town planning juxtaposing elements that are in themselves incompatible establishing a break in ordinary life reactivate centralities by reconfiguring material and immaterial connectivities providing options generating new meanings towards desirable potential alternatives reading of the post-it gestures of dissent as the explicit news items of a regressed subjectivity, with all its skills and abilities TO ADOPT: TO AVOID: SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS TEMPORANEITY NEW LANGUAGE SUBVERSIVE STRATEGY rubbish/leftovers/waste/abandoned objects go beyond the functional program of the spaces understand new jargons and systems of codes light architecture: practical solutions to contingent problems
temporary permission to permanent status unprogrammed events and situations lose their vitality as soon as they are "discovered and organized" by the res publica WARSAW BARI GENOVA national stadium San Nicola stadium G8 "GOOD GOVERNANCE PRACTICES" "SUSPENDED SPACES" centri di permanenza temporanea
emergency temporary locations
temporary protected areas
zones d'attente FINAL QUESTIONS: 1 How can we finally construct a post-it city that escapes control and institutionalization? 2 If power has already definitively occupied temporary practices, mightn't it be time to face up to overt it and start working on the concepts of permanence, monument and stability? N.U.S. Savitri Ciavattini
Vincenzo Meoli Matteo Rapini
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