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Lincoln's Assassination

No description

Tim Endicott

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Lincoln's Assassination

Lincoln's Assassination
Chapter 12: The Reconstruction Era
April 9
April 15
Civil War officially ends
Lincoln's assassination
with Mary Todd, Lincoln went to Ford's Theater
April 14, 1865
to see
"Our American Cousin"

at the theater:
the Lincolns sat in a private box by the stage
John Wilkes Booth, an actor/Confed, approached the box
Booth shot Lincoln in the head and jumped from the box
on stage, Booth yelled:
"sic semper tyrannis"
"the South is avenged"
- OR -
a massive man hunt was launched, from the theater Booth hid in a VA barn.

he was found several days later and was shot and killed before being put on trial
Booth was part of a greater plot:
while he killed Lincoln, someone else was going to kill the VP & the Sec. of State
Seward was attacked, but didn't die
four of Booth's accomplices were caught & hanged
Lincoln & Kennedy similarities
Election to Congress:
Lincoln - 1846
Kennedy - 1946
Election as President:
Lincoln - 1860
Kennedy - 1960
both names had 7 letters; both men concerned about Civil Rights
both first ladies lost a child in the White House; both sat next to husband when shot
both when were shot:
in the head
on a Friday
both of their secretaries told them not to go to each event
both VP were Johnson, both were from the South
Andrew born - 1808
Lyndon born - 1908
both assassins were Southerners
both went by three names with 15 letters in total
John Wilkes Booth
born 1839
Lee Harvey Oswald
born 1939
Booth ran from a theater to a warehouse, Oswald ran from a warehouse to a theater
Lincoln was shot in Ford's Theater
Kennedy was shot in Ford's Lincoln
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