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erika steinger

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of Unit3Lesson4

Effects of Pacing
What effect might a series of short sentences have on the reader's interpretation or the pace of the story?

What effect can a series of long sentences have on the pacing of a story?

Pick One
page 103 in your Springboard book
note the pacing or rhythm of the narrative
Focus question: How do the changes in pace affect you as a reader?
Do Now
Get your Springboard book, then copy down the lesson EQ and word of the day

Choose one of the following questions to answer in your notebook:
Have you ever felt that the way you look on the outside didn't match up with the way you feel on the inside? Explain.
Has anyone ever put you in a position where you needed to define your identity? Explain.
Friday, December 12th
Use evidence of pacing in the text to complete the graphic organizer on page 103.
Narrative pacing is the writer's attempt to control the rhythm of a narrative; the speed at which a narrative moves.

Ways to control pacing:
Syntax (sentence length/structure)
Diction (word choice)

Effects of pacing:
The mood of the reader
Can alert the reader to a change in the plot

by David Matthews
Prompt: Write a narrative paragraph about a time when you made an important decision about yourself.
Use details
Vary syntax and diction for pacing purposes
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