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Middle School Hot Topics

Transition Middle to High School

Julie Shaffer

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Middle School Hot Topics

From Middle School to High School Successful Transition Students' Challenges Larger and more impersonal
More competitive
Grade-oriented Transition Programs Student and Parent Information Do you remember your first day/first week in high school? Any specific examples? Your Experience How prepared did you feel once you were there? Do you think your middle school prepared you? Why? What programs did your middle school use to prepare you? How prepared did you feel in middle school for attending high school? Different Environment Increased Variety Extra-Curricular Activities
Classes Student Concerns Difficulty of classes
Time Management
Teasing Social Support Grades Liaison Academic Support *It's a process, not an event* Invite parents to participate in a conference with their child about course options and schedules. Connect middle school parents with parents of current high school students. Include parents on the transition programming team. Ask parents to visit the high school with their children in the spring and again in the fall. Provide lessons on how and who to approach when questions and concerns arise in the new school. Invite parents to spend an entire day at the high school. How do you think we, as future middle school teachers, can make the transition successful? Successful Communication Socially Successful Successful Academics Help students gain confidence in themselves as learners to increase self-esteem and confidence about success in high school. Successful Parents and Students Help students learn how to set and assess realistic personal and academic goals. Include an opportunity to interact with high school students in all summer bridge activities. Provide specialized eighth and ninth-grade courses that focus on a multi-year plan for success in high school. Provide every ninth grader with an adult mentor or adviser. Establish small houses or academies for ninth graders. Invite middle school students to shadow ninth graders. Focus on personal problem solving and decision making in both middle school and high school. Create a transition team consisting of teachers, administrators, parents, and students from middle and high school Monitor ninth grade success and failure rates to determine what middle grades must do to assure greater high school success. Implement summer programs to support success in the ninth grade. Provide time for teachers from both schools, in the same content area, to meet and discuss curricular issues by using data about student success to guide curricular revisions. Help students develop a future-focused plan for success in high school. Explicitly teach a variety of time management strategies for students. Adopt no-zero grading policies. Provide more time for English and mathematics. Some schools arrange double doses of both classes for ninth grade students at risk of failure. Establish a way to provide extra-time and extra-help programs to assist students. Talk about high standards and expectations. Set high expectations for students performing below grade level. Review the middle grades curriculum and identify ways to add additional rigor and challenge. References Mizelle, N. B., & Irvin, J. L. (2000). Transition from Middle School into High School. On Target , 31 (5). Williamston, R. (2010, April). Transition from Middle School to High School. Education Partnerships, Inc. Fears and Challenges What fears did you have in middle school leading into high school? What challenges did you experience once you were actually there? Include lessons on how to learn, how to study and how to take tests. by: Julieanne Shaffer
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