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My Past, Present & Future

No description

elizabeth rockensock

on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of My Past, Present & Future

I was born on July 5th 2000 at the St. Joseph's hospital in Park Rapids.
There are 7 people in my family.
Teresa (mom)
Dennis (dad)
Andrew (17, brother)
Jeffrey (12, brother)
Kayla (9, sister)
Kalli (1, sister)

My Childhood
I like to ride horse, spend time with family, work on the farm, ride four wheelers, hunt, swim and just be outdoors.
Exciting Event In My Life
The most exciting event in my life was when I got my first horse! He was a Bay Quarter horse. I named him Coco.
I ride horse, hunt, spend time with family, play sports, and spend time outside whenever I can.
My Favorite class was Futures Prep because I like thinking about my future and what I want to do. My favorite teachers are Mrs. Mitteness, and Mrs. Hodge.
My Favorite color is aqua blue/green, Favorite musical artist is Rachel Price, Favorite song by her is Little Nebraska Town, Favorite food is pizza, Favorite music genera is country.
Plans For My Summer Vacation...
I plan to hopefully get a job, go on vacation, go to the bluegrass festival, workout and get in shape for next year, go swimming, hang out with my family, look for colleges.
My Past, Present & Future
By: Beth Rockensock
My favorite toys that I liked to play with are horses and farm animals.
I found out that Mrs. Hodge does not like country music. And she is going to be the choir teacher next year, I'm so excited!
Plans After High School
After high school I plan to go to college, have a ranch, and follow in my cousins footsteps.
Career I Would Like To Have Someday...
I have been thinking a lot about my career. and I am leaning towards either being a large animal vet, or doing equissage, which is massaging horses.
Where I Would Like To Live Someday...
I haven't really given it much thought yet, but I would probably like to live down south near Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky or out west like Wyoming, Montana, and North Dakota.
My Future Family
I will probably get married and might have kids. If I have kids I would have 2 at the max. If I have a boy and a girl their names would be Kyle, just cuz I like the name, and Vienna Mae. Vienna is my grandma Rockensock's middle name, and Mae is my grandma May's middle name.
My Future House And Vehicle
I hope to have something like these...
My Bucket List Before I Die
I want to be in the top 10 for barrel racing, go moose, elk, and bear hunting, save someone's life, go to Alaska, see firefly squids glow, go to the super bowl, Attend the Kentucky derby, see all the country singers in person and in concert and be in the front row, go horseback riding on the beach, solve a Rubix-cube, and do the splits.
haha... no!
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