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Down to the Details

STAR Status Coordinator and Treasurer Training

Kevin Nzuwah

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Down to the Details

STAR Status Coordinator
Fundraising Ideas?
Do we need notes?
(When in doubt write it down!)
DOwn to the Details:
STAR STATUS COordinator and treasurer Training
YouR Role
Kevin Nzuwah, Member Engagement
Leadership Summit 2014

Record Chapter Activities,
Update Chapter Checklists &
Monitor STAR Status Progress
Take Meeting Notes
Activity Reports!
Provide Clarity
Refer to Notes
Oversees Chapter Finances

Budget? What Budget?
Budget with priorities
Use Chapter Card
Know how much
Income Sources
Check Request Forms

How do I keep
the message clear?
Finding Campus Resources
STAR Status Call Prep
Nerd Pageant
Dodge ball Tournament
Restaurant Night
Walk a Pup
Need to Know
ACH means Direct Deposit (VOIDED Check)
One Per Semester
Give Clear Reason
Don't forget legible receipt

Chapter Funds Card

Prepaid Card
Funds Loaded Fall and Spring

Loaded in Fall if:
Registered organization
Invitation with details
Fall Budget

Loaded in Spring if:
Eligible Member
Spring Budget
Need to Know
All NSCS activities
Review reports
Different area for PACE
When in doubt submit

Notes online
Set schedule
Use multiple forms
Have a question box
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