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COMM 300 (Su '18) T16 - Intercultural Ministry through Teams

Was "Personal and Family Issues" (Sp '12)

Hartmut Scherer

on 19 June 2018

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Transcript of COMM 300 (Su '18) T16 - Intercultural Ministry through Teams

Intercultural Ministry through Teams
emphasizes group decision making
Team Ministry
reflects a deeper understanding of community within the body of Christ
Provides companionship, continuity and balance
A more biblical correct model of the nature of the church
Greater objectivity in decision making
Own areas of weakness can be balanced by the abilities of others
increased potential for disharmony and disagreement
concentration of power
stifling of individuality and initiative
fostering of dependency
may not be suitable for pioneer work
Successful Teams (guidelines)
- view
of a team as an
- form the team
before departure
experienced with inexperienced missionaries
- have a
view in regard to
- a
true sense
of a team comes with crisis and

conflict resolution
- add
while facing the task
know purpose

of the team in advance
- be willing to
give up
"But how was I to know?" protests David to himself. "I asked her and she did not tell me anything."
What would you say?
What could David do differently in the future?
Any advice for Soo or the team leader?
Class Activity:
Alpha-Beta Partnership
(2 groups)
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