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Media Plan


Thiago Leao

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Media Plan

Media Plan Oz Car Clean Target Increase sales
Prospecting new customers in the neighborhood Product market factors The company is recognized for the quality of its service
Constantly advertise about our product to keep the customer coming to the car wash. Media vehicle Campaign have focus on use low-cost
Execute flash mobs in the suburb
Distribute flyers around the car wash area
Radio announcements Competitor analysis OZ car clean differs from competitors: self-service bay Product/Service description -A fully automatic tunnel carwash available 24hours, 7 days a week.
-Espresso coffee, tea or hot chocolate complimentary “whilst you wait” for all full-
service car washes.
-A Café that serves homemade cakes, biscuits and wholesome sandwiches. Plus,
-A library of recent magazines and daily newspapers for customers to read (and
purchase if they desire).
-Four (4) high pressure wand self-service bays.
-Six (6) vacuum stations complete with fragrance and carpet shampoo dispensing
-Opportunity for customers to purchase quality car care products in the reception
area. The full service operation will offer three basic wash packages:
-$25 Basic wash – full service tunnel wash. Plus, it will entail a full exterior vehicle
wash, as well as an interior service to include vacuuming, window cleaning, and
dashboard cleaning.
-$30 Deluxe wash - the Basic Wash services plus an undercarriage wash, a rust
inhibitor, and a wheel brightener.
-$35 Super wash - all Deluxe Wash services plus a polishing wax and a wax sealant.
-$80 full Car Detailing – a full service wash that is suitable to customers wanting to
sell their car, or the annual car wash. The Car Detailing results in a car that is
sparkling clean inside and o Target audience
characteristics The audience is basically everybody who has a car Advertising message The message will be based in the problem/solution dynamic Consumer
has a problem Have the solution Oz Car
Clean Advertising frequency Weakly advertising
One flash mob per week - Different Places
Flyers could be sent fortnightly Table 1: Advertising Brief Template The campaign focus on use low-cost advertising means like guerrilla marketing, flyers and also radio announcements. Objectives The advertising aim to show OZ car clean for the public
as the best quality service car wash in the market Communication goals Increase the sales of the company
Small form for the costumers asking about the service and advertisements Target group Everybody that has a car and lives around the car wash area
People that use to pass near the car wash Desired brand perception/image OZ car clean wants to show itself as an environmentally friendly company that offer the best quality service of the region. Budget The campaign should use low-costs advertisements
only as we have available 700 dollars per week in a
period of 4 months. Conclusion The campaign expect to show OZ car clean for all the area around the company
Increase sales prospecting new customers and maintaining them
Good expectation about the results through the flash mobs
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