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Unit 3 Health and Social Care

No description

Maddie Macnab

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Unit 3 Health and Social Care

Legislation Prezi Health and Safety Work Act 1974 Since this legislation was put in place, the UK now holds one of the lowest accident at work rates in the world. This act is also known as HASAWA or HSW Employers have responsibility for everyone on their premises, these include;
-Workers from other places
-Service users Within the act, the following should be taken into consideration; This Act makes sure that all the following are consider and present: That a risk assessment is done before the opening of a premises or business. it ensures that the company's health and safety policies are reviewed regularly it makes sure that there is a particular individual
that is responsible for the health and safety of others
and the working environment that company records all accidents
incidents that have taken place It also makes sure that the business provides safety equipment, information & training for staff to renew themselves on health and safety There are two types of insurances
that can used in to support this Ac:
-Liability insurance - compulsory

-Public insurance - recommended Food Safety Act 1990 Environmental health inspectors have many roles within this Act as it's there duty to check the safety of food served. Their roles they are; inspect food ability to sieze food condemn it give them a notice of improvement that needs to
be taken place they are able to close the business temporarily or permanently and they can even prosecute the business. Food Safety(general food hygiene) Regulations 1995 This Act is put in place to ensure that the following are of a high standard and appropriate; and it also helps to prevent cases of food poisoning it ensures that food areas kept clean that the staff have high personal hygiene that food is cooked thoroughly that all foods are kept in the right conditions and at the right temperature helps to make that there is no cross-contamination of foods Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous occurrences regulations (RIDDOR) 1995 This Act makes sure that all accidents and incidents are recorded correctly. The following incidents must be reported to the local council or HSE: Any deaths Major Injuries Incidents that lead to 3 or more days absent from work. Any reportable diseases such as hepatitis and meningitis and any dangerous occurrences that don't lead to injury or death Data Protection Act 1998 This particular Act is put in place to ensure that the privacy of an individual in any circumstances is kept private. The way this Act makes sure of is that they only keep relevant information. They don't hold the information for longer than needed. It makes sure that personal information is protected against unauthorised access and accidental destruction. However, after the death of an individual they retain their records for 8 years if they are ever needed as evidence in a particular situation. Also, maternity and children's records are to be kept until 25 years of age. Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 This particular Act is put in place to make sure that employers know what is expected of them under HASAWA. In an accident or incident 5 or more employees if possible must: Do a risk assessment of the incident make sure that the precautions identified by the risk assessment are carried out. appoint competent people they must provide clear information to everyone that is involved and provide training to staff that it requires Control of substances hazards to health (COSH) 2002 This Act is specific to toxins The things that employers must stick to are: Always assess risks that are associated with hazardous substances that they must take safe procedures to prevent lack of control of hazards as they are working with toxins they have to ensure that all procedures are followed and that all staff are under health surveillance in case they become infected in any kind of way and that they are always prepare plans to deal with any possible incidents all staff are fully trained and supervised as the work they are involved in can be very dangerous Effects of the Legislations on the service users Health and Safety At Work Act 1974 This Act allows every individual to feel safe, this is because everyone is aware of what is expected. This may be from individuals such as employers, employees and patients. This ensures that every individual is as safe as possible this is shown through signs and signals and warnings. Food Safety Act 1990 This ensures that noone is at risk when eating out this will make people more confident and reassures them that where they are eating is hygienic and that they are at no risk of catching anything. Food Safety Regulations 1995 This links to the Food Safety Act, this is because if people know what they are eating in hygienically prepared and cooked then people will be happy to eat there. Reporting on Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous occurrences Regulations 1995 This allows the service users to go back and get evidence of a situation that may have occurred. This is just there as another provider of evidence if needed. Data Protection Act 1998 This allows individuals to give out confidential information as and when they wish with the confidence that it remains private and not available for the everyday person unless authorised. Control of substances hazardous to health 2002 This helps to ensure that service users are safe around the particular environments that handle these hazardous substances as the staff are under strict guidance that keep the area safe and that they must follow. Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations This is allows service users to feel safe and comfortable with the treatment they receive as the management and procedures they have to follow are strict.
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