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Geography and Climate in Fiela's Child

No description

Amanda G

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of Geography and Climate in Fiela's Child

Avontuur/Wolwekraal (Long Kloof) The Mountains The Forest Coney Glen Climate Knysna is an area spanning from the Indian Ocean to the Outeniqua mountain ranges with abundant natural forests in between
Located very close to Knysna is Long Kloof, a valley spanning for around 100 miles from east to west in between two mountain ranges
"By the time he made the Kloof side, God had nothing left but stones and dust and wagon trees and rhinoceros bush and aloes."
Located at the start of the Long Kloof region is the town of Avontuur
Avontuur is located at the foot hills of the Tsitsikama Mountains.
Wolwekraal is where the Komoetie family lives
Wolwekraal is located on the west side of Long Kloof
Geographically, Wolwekraal is wide open
Wolwekraal is very dry and hot
"Wolwekraal was on the sunset-side of the Kloof and his mother always said it was the better side."
What does the geography/landscape of Long Kloof symbolize to Bejamin? Soil is very acidic and nutrient poor
Farming is very difficult
Woodcutting and beam making become major forms of income
Hunting of exotic animals for some extra money Characteristics of the forest on Barnards Island Located in Knysna, on the southern-most point of South Africa
Climate is of a Mediterranean type climate:
Cold and wet Winters
Hot and dry Summers
Rainforests located towards the north of the main city
Climate prevents effective farming; animal husbandry is the smarter alternative
Rainforests and weather allow useful woodcutting opportunities to take place Outeniqua Mts.
geographical separation
physical exertion/obstacle
trail created in 1860 (presumably when Selling was a criminal)
considered 'a miracle'
pg113 A Day at Coney Glen
Knysna Heads
Western Head
Eastern Head
Activities and Wildlife
Benjamin's Identity
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