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Copy of The Banana Tree

No description

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Banana Tree

The Banana Tree
The Plot & the Setting
Theme & Genre
Character & Atmosphere
The Setting
The moral of the story is that, Gustus will do whatever it takes for his beloved tree as it is a big part in his life , and it provides hope in his life...
What the story makes us feel about the moral.
It makes us feel sympathy for the boy as he doesn't
have a lot to live for as his family is a big one and so he being the eldest he does get everything the others get so for example
" he is the only one in the family without a pair of shoes! Because he's a big boy he dohn need anythin' 'an' must do all the work. he can't stay at school in the evenings an' play cricket because there's work to do at home. He can't have no outings with other children because he has no shoes. An' now when he was to sell his bunch of banana an' buy shoes so he can go out with his cricket team , the hurricane is going to blow it down."
Genre of the story.
The main character in the story is Gustus, his father plays an important role in the story, affecting Gustus' childhood and his father was part of the reason Gustus was so attached to his banana tree.
The atmosphere of this story is very edgy in as much as it keeps you on your toes because you don't know where or what the boy is going to do next. It is also very heart warming to know that the parents do care and that they also will risk their lives to rescue someone or something they, truly care about.
The Banana Tree is about a boy called Gustus, who has become attached to a banana tree which he claims to be his 'nable string', he has faith in this tree and has watched it grown from a seedling and now that it produces fruit Gustus belives it will help him enjy his life more and bring hope. Therefore in the middle of a hurricane he goes out of his way to make sure it is safe, endangering his own life...
The Plot
The Banana Tree is set in Jamaica, in the village of Canerise. A tremendously vigorous hurricane has made land fall upon the village and all the inhabitants have sheltered in the school building, singing songs to comfort themselves.
is quite a organised boy who can make up his own mind and is quite used to dealing with his problems without being helped by his parents. Gustus is used to doing chores and not being sociable and not doing what he enjoys, he is deprived of the activities, such as cricket, that he is good at.
The Father
is quite a proud father and enjoys attention, he is a community man and enjoys helping out unfortunatly he makes Gustus do chores and does not provide Gustus' needs, such as shoes. He also seems to be a bit grumpy at time and a man able to get very angry. But at the end of the story the father opens up a new caring side of him where he goes out of his way to find his son and once he finds him he holds him and comforts him making sure he is alright.
The genre of this story is, an exciting story in as much as it keeps you on your toes, because you don't know what will happen to the boy. It is also quite a sad story because you do feel for the families that are suffering in the storm. It is also sad because you relise how special this banana tree is to him, because he is risking his life to go and make sure it is OK, he is also risking other peoples lives because they have to come out looking for him, but it shows how much people care for others in a small community.
This is what was so special to him.
By James Berry
Other books by him are...
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