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health and safety

No description

Chris Barnard

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of health and safety

health and safety by chris health and safety COSHH RIDDOR Security
Of guests and staff Environmental issues This is the control of substances hazardous to health, it is mainly behind the scenes, bleach, sanitizer, and other chemicals that could cause harm to anyone or anything and ensuring safe use of them and safe storage. Reporting of
Diseases and
Regulation personal safety is ensured through having measures in place to makes sure that whoever is in the hotel, is supposed to be there and can be identified if anything goes wrong through CCTV, this can be ensured by having ID badges on staff which can be easily identified by other staff members and customers. Fire Safety regulation COSHH Signs and symbols RIDDOR is the Reporting of Injuries Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulation
RIDDOR is done when someone at work is harmed, this can be reportable from something as small as a cut, to Death. Health and safety regulations in place to avoid harm to staff and customers. Staff must be briefed on fire safety at least once a month depending on the team and the size of the operation and fire risk the business is at. All staff must know fire safety protocol and evacuation methods. Staff being hurt in any way, cuts from equipment, broken bones, or crippling injuries. Staff illnesses, the common cold, Flu, both contageous and non contageous diseases and contaminations, infections, etc. Staff or customers having a near miss with equipment falling on them, almost slipping, equipment breaking under them but nobody being hurt. And Death. HACCP Hazard
point These are the set procedures that food is served to rooms, ensuring that food that can spoil quickly is given to the customer with no or as little risk to health as possible, the set procedues stop staff from leaving food in rooms that are unattended, and only take food when the customers are going to eat is as soon as it gets to the room to avoid ill health. PPE personal Protective Equipment Personal Protective equipment is what employees are given to ensure that, as long as correct protocal is followed at work, that staff will be physically safe from any dangers that might be present. PPE can be something from just Gloves to stop contamination from chemicals, and from burns, aprons, Shoes with steel toe caps, etc. safety of customer values
in order to keep the safety of customers valuables whilst they are staying in the hotel, a safe is issued per room so that customers can put their valuables in there and lock them. In order for a safer hotel for both staff and customers, each staff member is given an ID badge, and a key for rooms which is asigned to their names each day, this helps to make the staff keep their key safe and not hand it out to anyone because if anything goes wrong in a room and their key was used, it was immediatly their fault, even if it wasn't them who went into the rooms, it was their key and they are responsible.
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