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Puerto Rico

Vacation Brochure

carmen ezzell

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Puerto Rico

One of the most beautiful places on earth. Where we are now! We are now in Tarboro N.C. Where you are going! This is a map of Puerto Rico The capital : San Juan The two pictures above left and bottom right are pictures of the ancient Fort Cristobal. Welcome to Puerto Rico Celebrities from Puerto Rico Jennifer Lopez Victoria Justice Bruno mars There is also a lot more celebrities but I couldn't name them all. Flight Costs: For a Round Trip it is only about $1,600 Dollars If you have Kids: There are some very kid friendly places here The El Conquistador Hotel They have a Waterpark which is great for kids younger or older. If You are newlyweds: One of the more popular places to stay as newlyweds is The Culebra Island. It has very romantic feel, and a breathtaking view. If you are an elder You may want to go see some of the different shows that they have there. San Juan is also the oldest city in U.S. in hispanic territory. You can go to concertos and musicals. Which elders would probably like to go and see Luis Fonsi. He does amazing concertos. Attractions of Puerto Rico: One of the greatest attractions of Puerto Rico is the bio luminescent organisms that come to the shores of the beaches. They call these unique organisms the stars of the sea. They are usually only found in Vieques, Puerto Rico. We are totally harmless to them, and they are harmless to us. There is a place you can go to swim with these organisms. A once in a lifetime chance. Some History: Christopher Columbus Arrived in Puerto Rico in 1493. This island was originally called San Juan Bautista. Because that is what Columbus Named it in the first place. But because of all the gold in the rivers there, they re-named it Puerto Rico or "rich port". Puerto Rico soon became one of the main suppliers for sugar cane, cattle, tobacco and coffee. Africans were imported to Puerto Rico. Which then made Puerto Rico evolve into a mixing of spanish and african races. So if you do decide to go, you may read up on some of this stuff while your there. Get Dancing! Puerto Rico is world- famous for its alluring night life. The warm night breeze, and the sensual Latin rhythms and fun-loving vibes on the islands are irresistable. You will find that when the sun goes down in Puerto Rico the Puerto Ricans step out! Puerto Ricans are very fun-loving people that love to party, and sometimes have a little to much alchohol! Exotic Wildlife The Coqui frog originates from Puerto Rico! The are very tiny frogs, but have a very loud voice! when they make noise to call to their mate or for a danger call it sounds just like their name Coqui. Snakes are very well known in Puerto Rico. The most commonly seen snake is Puerto Rico is the King Snake and the Anaconda. Sea turtles are a very popular thing that come up on the beautiful shores of Puerto Rico. They are often seen in the late evening about dusk. Different Animals Zip-lining Make reservations to go on the highest zip-line in the world. Also with the same company as the zip-lining, they have something where you can walk over a very old but safe bridge! By: Carmen Ezzell Most of these things that you can do here cost well over one-hundred dollars! Kayaking There are many places in Puerto Rico that you can have tons of fun. One of the funnest things you can probably do while you are there is kayaking. The Bio-Bay Another fun thing you can do is the bio-bay! It is a a very different type of boat ride that you can go on at night and have no light but can see by the light of the blue bio-luminescent organisms. Its like come fun, come all with this activity. Spas The Zen Spa is one of the most popular spas in Puerto Rico. There most popular thing there is the hot-rocks. Shopping Malls The Plaza Las Americas is one of the most popular shopping malls here in Puerto Rico They have stores just like we do including: Abercrombie & Fitch
Areopostale Hollister
Charlotte & Russe
and many other different things Agriculture The land percentage that is taken up by farm lands in Puerto Rico is about 51.9% The biggest export that is produced in Puerto Rico is the sugar cane. There is thousands and thousands of sugar cane fields just in San Juan. Sugar cane Musica = Music The background music on this project is in the salsa genre of music. The artist' name is Ray Viero. He is from Puerto Rico himself. The song is called "Un Nino Jibaro en la Ciudad." Ray Viero He is a singer and he also plays the trombone! If you want a good deal on a flight ticket, go to travelzoo.com. They have great tickets at great rates! He can play many different instruments but refuses to tell anyone! Theme Parks: Ponce Karting Club The Windmill Thanks for watching! HOLA and Puerto Rican Dishes Salsa Dancing Puerto Ricans love to dance.
The smooth sensual salsa dance is their dance of choice.
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