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The Lady with the Pet Dog

No description

Cole Barkman

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of The Lady with the Pet Dog

The Lady with
the Pet Dog Anton Chekhov Author's Views Theme Characters
Stylistic Devices,
& Symbolism Story Structure 1 2 3 4 story rises & falls realistically like real life, ups and downs are erratic and unplanned no designated, clear-cut climax no tradition of characters only living during the span of the narrative ending doesn't specify any one conclusion to their relationship Introduction to Anna and Dmitri's lives. Beginning of their relationship. The relationship has grown romantically, but Anna leaves. Dmitri's realization. Dmitri goes to find Anna and confronts her in her home city. Undefined end to the story; Anna and Dmitri know their relationship is not over. Story Structure & Climaxes •Writing •Communication as a Motif Stylistic Devices •Society ending is really a beginning, defying standard story structure • "...it was as though they were a pair of migratory birds, male and female, caught and forced to live in different cages." • Dmitry Gurov Imagery Symbolism Light/Dark Imagery The Fence

The Geisha

Nature symbolism Complacency Inner Conflict •Medical School The Beginning
of his Journey Anna Sergeyevna Trigger •The "Hollywood" Story Timid, Naive and Innocent Distressed and Saddened Anton Chekhov Power Dynamic •Love is the conflict Exposition Rising Action Climax 1 2 3 Denouement Open Ended Story Structure Unique Use of Love Symbolic Descriptions of Nature The Brilliance of the Story Traditional Story Structure Love as a Manipulative Force Writer's Craft 4 various high points throughout the story rather than one -Doctoral research -Russian Newspaper
-Developed his style -Arranged Marriages •Personal Life -Marriage to Olga Knipper
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