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World War 1: Asian American

history class

Anthony King

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of World War 1: Asian American

http://www.historyonthenet.com/WW1/causes.htm Common Belief Asian american involvement WW1 WW1
Asian American http://www.army.mil/asianpacificsoldiers/history/worldwar1.html Cited http://usasians-pictures.tripod.com/timeline-1910.html world war 1 started in Europe
between Serbia and Austria Hungary due to the assassination of heir to the Austria-Hungary empire. http://ocp.hul.harvard.edu/immigration/timeline.html American Involvement The United States entered the war on
April 6, 1917. Declared war on Germany for unrestricted submarine warfare, sinking of Lusitania containing american citizens, Interception of the Zimmerman Note, and banks. Cp:G,A-H, I A: B,F,R Due to expanding need of military and naval forces, the demand for people were high. Asian americans were eager to participate, so many volunteered. Asian Americans joined U.S army and served on the
Battlefields of France. Asian americans were discriminated against.
Placed on angel island.
Chinese exclusion act, Gentlemen s Agreement,
Immigration Act. Why fight their war. Asian Americans thought participating in the war would help them gain rights in America.Right of naturalization, right of immigration, right of residence, right of family unification. The immigrants thought that joining the U.S in WW1 would better their opportunities to be accepted in to the american world. Accomplishments The asians who fought for the U.S in the war gained the right to naturalize for their descendants. Medal of Honor Lou Sing Kee- Message Center
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