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Searching the Web♦♣♠♥Search engines

Computer Engineering - Network Projects

Poojah Karunakaran

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Searching the Web♦♣♠♥Search engines

Searching the Web...
By Midhusha
Poojah Karunakaran
It is a special computer program on the web that is designed to help people search information stored on other sites.
- They search the Web finding sites related or including the word you
searched up
- The words they find, and where they are found are kept in a list.
Before there was Yahoo...
Before there was WebCrawler...
Before there was Alta Vista...
of a Search Engine...
Search engines are used for so many different things and can be categorized into 3 categories
1) Researching (ex:educational purposes)
To search information about a specific topic
2) Online Shopping
Looking through many items at once and its capable of finding available items internationally
3) Entertainment
To look up videos, songs, games, social networking sites ,etc...

Before a search engine tells you where a file or document is located, it must find it for itself...
It is a special software robot that is used by search engines to find information on the millions of existing Web pages. It goes around to the many web sites gathering information on documents and files, and creates an index of words based on them. This process is called
Web crawling.

How a spider (A.K.A the robot) travels
The spider will start with popular Websites, indexing the words on its pages. It will also follow each link found in the Website and indexing those too. Using this way, the spider system starts to rapidly travel spreading across the most used sections of the Web.
All search engines used the spider system
Their system usually uses 3 spiders at a time and each spider could use around 300 connections to open pages one at a time. At its best performance, it uses four spiders at a time, and their system could crawl over 100 pages per second, getting about 600 kilobytes of data per second. The Google spider started web crawling by listing down the words within a Web page and where they were from. The spider noted down every word on a page, leaving out the words like "a","an" and "the"
Sometimes spiders may not understand what you may say and shows a blank error page with the following message : "This page is copyrighted and should not be indexed ", so instead they just index it. And because of the huge data involved a lot of problems occur. For example the spider may creep into online games and send junk and spam messages. That's why systems that access large amount of data are carefully designed and tested.
Trouble of the Spiders
Search Engine
- It was the first search engine created
- It was launched in the 1990's
- It wasn't complex at all
- It is said to be the grandfather of all search engines
Right after that, somewhere in 1991, Veronica and Jughead was created. Veronica was called the grandmother of search engines in present.

And after the popularity of search engines increased, Web pages began flooding in. Then Matthew Gray invented robots to hunt down website URLs and organized them into a system called Wandex.
In 1994, 2 Standford students, David Filo and Jerry Yang posted webpages with links called Yahoo!. It became the first popular searchable directory but was not considered as a search engine.
After that Yahoo has improved drastically over the years and MSN, Bing and Google was introduced as well. They became the biggest hits for search engines.
On April 20, 1994 Webcrawler was created. It was the first crawler which indexed entire pages.
Sometime in 1994 the same time Alta Vista was also introduced. It had more features as a search engine, and a few years later Alta Vista’s technology was used for Yahoo!.
Search engines were introduced because when the www. (World Wide Web) started they needed tools to search, organize and catalog the many websites created within them. Programmers competed with each other to reach the goal of getting the top search engine. Over the years, search engines began to grow and have more qualities. It started from a group of web pages to browsers with more functions... This rank to get the top search
engine or website is called Page Rank.
Gerard Salton – He started researching and brought up the topic search engines first and therefore he is said to be the father of modern search technology

Ted Nelson – He created the network between computers with a simple user interface.

Tim Berners-Lee – He created the World Wide Web A.K.A WWW.

Search engines are very important because people can
discover the new websites that are created overtime.
Most non-popular websites rely on search engines to search them up using the indexes and therefore it is also important for those who make web pages.
30 % of the users use search engines to search popular websites.

In America, the number of people who use search engines...
January 2002 = 52%
February 2012 = 72%

Therefore search engines are an important tool to use to find information and have so many uses to fulfill their duties. For 20 years, search engines have a long history and have many versions updated overtime. It is a convenient software and most people rely on it. Referring to the importance we can greatly value Search Engines.
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