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Logan's Baby and Low Grade Hood Timeline

No description

John Miller

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Logan's Baby and Low Grade Hood Timeline

Logan's Timeline
Born: May 28,2006
Took first step: 9 months
Learned to read: Preschool
First day of kindergarten: August 2011
Lost first tooth: 1st Grade
Got my first library card: 2nd Grade
First time seeing a whale (and sea lions): Jan 26,2016
I was born in Vista in a hospital. This picture is me when I was 6 months old. It is close to when I was born.
This is when I took my first step. I lived somewhere else I do not remember where I lived. I remember that I was happy in my picture.
When I learned to read in preschool I did not learn to read by a teacher I taught myself how to read.
This my picture of me of my first day of kindergarten. I think I did not smile because the the light was too bright. This picture brings back some memories.
This picture is me with my library card. The library that I got my library card is in Oceanside where I still get books. The library card had a smiling star on with words that said ¨My first library card!¨.
I lost my first tooth in first grade. I am not sure but I remember when I was in first grade I was eating potato chips (at home) and then my tooth came out and I ate it.
When I saw my first whale I am in 4th grade. I was with my class and the other classes Mr.Brown´s class and Mr.Perez´s class. I took a picture of 3 sea lions and it was a fun trip but I did feel sick when I got home from school but it was worth it.
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