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No description

Raven Mosquera

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of Bachata

History of Bachata
Bachata became heard and famous in the 1960's the first recordings was from Jose Manuel Calderon after a man named Trujillo passed away he was once the man who ruled the Dominican Republic. It is looked at as dance hall music and pop
Where does Bachata come from
Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic. The ethnic group of Bachata is Latin American. It became more popular in the 1960's
How would i describe this music?
I would describe this music as uplifting and energetic the beats are nice and makes you wanna dance. It is basically dance hall and pop music also people just like to listen to it for the way it sounds its enjoyable. Even people who dont speak or understand spanish would enjoy it.
Bachata music video
Where would you typically hear Bachata music?
You would typically hear Bachata music in clubs or bars in my opinion you can play it anywhere like party's because it brings out the energy and gets people on the dance floor.
What intruments are used for Bachata?
The common intrusments used in Bachata would be the Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Electric Guitar, Regular Guitar, Bass Guitar, and bongos
These are some of the instument's used in Bachata
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