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New digital media

Summative assessment

vaishnavi pachava

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of New digital media

Digital is anything to do with electronic signals. This is how digital is formed.
The 2 electronic signals are, on and off. Positive is called 1 and non-positive is 0. Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start Media means 2 things
Means of communication
Radio, television, newspapers and magazines which give information What is virtual environment? So now you know what is digital media. You passed the level. Good Job! New Digital Media By: Vaishnavi Pachava What is Digital? What is Media? Virtual environment is the computerized programs and INTERNET. How new digital media is used and organized How we evaluate information Matrix Profile Attributes: Lines of Inquiry: Key Concepts: Related key concepts: Skills: Theme: How we organize ourselves Central Idea: New digital media changes the way in which people access information and connect to each other. Knowledgeable, Thinkers Attitudes: Respect, Integrity How new digital media is used and organized
Evaluating information
Our responsibility in virtual environment function
connection networks
platform Research skills: Presenting research findings, Observing
Self management skills: Codes of behavior and informed choices What is communication? Communication is when people are trying to talk in various ways. New digital media is used for finding information, getting entertainment, homework help and more.
New digital media is organized through Microsoft Office, Prezi, etc. We evaluate information by choosing the right websites to go to. We use trusted sites, compare other websites with the sites we know or go to link websites from the sites we know. Our responsibility in virtual environment? Cyber Law- The rules of the computer
Cyber Crime- Computer hacking Social Networking Services (SNS) Social networking services are basically forums, blogs and websites.
Without SNS, we will have a hard time starting a conversation and people won't trust you.
SNS Timeline- 1995: Yahoo, 1998: Google, 1999: Napster, 2000: Blogger, 2001: Wikipedia, 2002: Friendster, 2003: Myspace, 2004: Facebook, 2005: Youtube and 2006: Twitter. Hi, I am Vaishnavi. Come along with me to pass the level as you learn about digital media. First obstacle, time to jump over the piranha. Second obstacle, time to jump really high. Final obstacle, time to hop over the octopus. My Website would have... Games
Video Chat
Blocked ads
Video Games(Pacman, etc.)
Education Section
Etc. Reflection I think I developed the attitude of principled by learning the rules of the computer and seeing ways people can hack your computer. I think I am going beyond what I am learning and trying to use the computer wisely. CANADA JAPAN
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