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Play in the Community of Geneva

No description

Hilary Gove

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Play in the Community of Geneva

The Power of a Playground
The Process of Building a Playground
Play in the Community of Geneva
Hilary Gove
Fall 2012
What does play mean in Geneva?
Recess in School
Reason parents and children visit the playground...
Safe Space
The Geneva Lakefront Community Playground has
created an awareness about the importance of play because of the emphasis on community engagement that has been present throughout the entire playground building process.
West Street and North Street Schools allow their students to have 10 minutes of recess a day.
Compared to National Averages.....
-Geneva Lakefront Community Playground
-North Street School
-West Street School
-St.Francis/St. Stephen's School
-Richards Park
-Nieder Park
-Washington Street Park
-Jefferson Street Park
-Brook Street Park
-Ridgewood Park
-Genesee Park
-Pulteney Park
-Bicentennial Park
-Gulvin Park
Playful City!
Pocket playgrounds and other play spaces!
More play time for children can always be promoted!
There are 10 playgrounds and 4 open park spaces in Geneva.
If schools have a limited amount of time to schedule recess during the day, is play happening at home?
Parents input on play
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