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L'occitane Interim Presentation

Leadership Strategy and Change - Continuous Assessment Part 1

Kelly O'Brien

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of L'occitane Interim Presentation

Summary of the Change Leadership Results Progress to Date L'Occitane Irish Regional Manager


UK Head Office Managers EN PROVENCE 0's Expansion by way of venture capital
1994 Beginning of a two year take over, by Reonald Geiger Founded in 1976 Oliver Baussan
Deeply Routed in Provence France

Specialises in Organic Based Cosmetics

1990's Expansion by way of venture capital

1994 Beginning of a two year take over, by Reonald Geiger

Late 1990's Family Franchise set up in Ireland

2012 Irish Franchise sold to the International L'occitane operation based in UK “A small family run business becoming an international organisation in a short period of time” Avril O'Sullivan, Cork Store Manager Analysis of the Change Structure Pre change
Objective: survival
Traditional structure
“going with the flow” approach

Post change
Role shift
Bureaucratic system
Centralised decision making authority
Formalised rules and procedures
Training courses Chain of Management Post Change Numerous Reasons Lack of funds to develop the brand

The brands inability to move forward “She’s very enthusiastic and willing to try new things.”

“Aware that we know the customer what our customers want”

“She listens!”

“Fights our corner”

“Understands the differences between the UK and Irish markets” “Very encouraging and approachable”

“They offer a sense of job security”

“Extremely trustworthy”

Change Management
Change Leadership UK Head Office Managers Use a set of tools and mechanisms to keep the the change under control

Planning and Budgeting

Organizing and Staffing

Monitor, control and rectify Irish Regional Manager To put an engine on the whole change process; faster, smarter and efficiently

Vision and Direction

Alignment and Communication

Motivate and Inspire Best newcomer store to the UK empire
Sales and profits have increased
Increased customer satisfaction
Better staff moral Type of Change Balogun & Hope Hailey Scale Theories in Practice Fiedler's Contingency Theory VS. Path-Goal Theory
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