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Tool Review - Prezi

No description

Cassandra Nelson

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Tool Review - Prezi

How Does It Work
Start with one of Prezi's prefabricated templates or start with a completely blank canvas. It's your choice.
Place your text, images, animations, sound clips, etc. on the canvas and move, rotate, and resize it to fit your needs.
Frame your information to group it together according to major topics and points.
Create a path that connects your frames.
Use the zoom feature to highlight specific details.
Present the finished product to a localized audience or share it on the web for everyone to see.
Don't forget to take advantage of Prezi meeting to collaborate on a project and co-present it with up to 9 other people.
What It Is
Prezi is presentation software that allows its users to share ideas and present stories in a unique zooming, cloud-based format.
Zooming feature adds another dimension and takes it beyond traditional, linear presentations
More dynamic and engaging than PowerPoints
Accessible from almost any computer with internet access
Multiple copies can be saved in a variety of forms
Can be printed for easy reference
Doesn't require any special software to be downloaded
Free in a limited form to everyone and in a more expansive form to teachers and students
Can be shared for general viewing by the public or for collaborating, co-editing, and co-presenting among a small group
Tutorials, product support, and user friendly layout make it easy to use
Possible Uses/Implications for DH
The ability to collaborate on and co-present a project makes it the perfect tool for digital humanists looking to work together on a project for a conference, lecture, or any other public forum (including online projects and forums) in which a presentation or visual aid would be helpful and/or necessary to conveying one's ideas.
The Zooming Presentation
Exploring Prezi
Presented By Cassandra Nelson
Tendency for people to overuse the zoom function
Zoom way in and then way out
Zoom from one side of the canvas to the other
Zoom quickly between points without giving the audience a chance to adjust
Leaves the audience feeling dizzy, nauseated, overwhelmed, and generally disoriented/confused
Preoccupation with visual elements and appeal can sometimes detract from the actual quality of the overall argument
Emphasis on visual stimuli and movement can prove a hindrance to those who are visually impaired or prone to motion sickness
The open-canvas style can be difficult to adjust to and work on without the use of a template
See. I just highlighted how the zoom feature works. Just be careful not to overuse it.
The End
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