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The Epic Journey of Bilbo Baggins

A description of the twelve steps of a Hero's journey, as applicable to Bilbo Baggins in the Hobbit.

John Doe Public

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of The Epic Journey of Bilbo Baggins

The Epic Journey of Bilbo Baggins 1. The Ordinary World: Bilbo Baggins starts out his journey in the land known simply as the Shire, where a number of peaceful, food-lovings Hobbits lead normal and "adventure-free lives" 2. Meeting the Mentor: Bilbo
meets Gandalf (the wizard) on a normal morning. Although he
doesn't learn it until later, he will turn out to be Bilbo's mentor and guide during his difficult mission ahead. 3. The Call to Adventure: Gandalf arrives and tells Bilbo of an adventure he is planning. Bilbo is then taken by surprise when Gandalf asks him to go help thirteen dwarves regain treasure that was stolen from them by a dragon named Smaug. 4. Refusal of the Call: Bilbo at first flat-out refuses to do any sort of 'Adventuring' that might shame his reputation as a respectable, peace-loving Hobbit. However Gandalf believes that he is exactly what the Company needs. 5. Crossing the Threshold: Bilbo is coerced into joining the quest when said thirteen dwarves show up uninvited on his doorstep and tell him he will receive 1/14 of the treasure if he helps them reclaim it. 6. Tests, Allies, and Enemies: Throughout his journey, Bilbo undergoes a series of tests of not only of his physical abilities, but also of his mental ingenuity. He is attacked and almost killed by trolls as one of the first tests in his journey. He is threatened on multiple occasions by goblins (Orcs) who would be more then happy to devour him. He escapes giant spiders and learns the power of courage. He helps the dwarves escape the captivity of elves. One of the greatest tests Bilbo must undergo, however, is a test of where his loyalties lie. He is forced to choose between his friends the dwarves and a man named Bard; a man who could end what almost becomes a war between the dwarves and the men of the nearby town of Esgaroth.
Bilbo's friends include Gandalf, the dwarves, Beorn, and Bard. His enemies include Orcs, trolls, Smeagol (an ex-hobbit with a long story behind him), Wargs (like wolves) and Smaug the dragon. (On his journey, Bilbo discovers the One Ring, an item that eventually comes to make the life of his adopted-heir Frodo quite an ordeal.) 7. Approach: Finally, after many a dreadful experience, Bilbo and the dwarves manage to arrive at the Lonely Mountain, lair of Smaug and home to the enourmous wealth of the dwarves. They build a small encampment near the door to the center of the mountain, while they try to decide what to do. 8. The Ordeal:
Bilbo is sent to face up to the dragon Smaug to help the dwarves reclaim their treasure. It it the hardest thing he has to do in the whole tale. 9. The Reward: Although Bilbo had been promised 1/14 of the treasure, he decides to only accept two small chests, one filled with silver and one with gold (no more than could be carried by one strong pony), partly due to the untimely death of Thorin Oakenshield (leader of the dwarves) during the Battle of Five Armies. Bilbo is also given a small sword ('Sting') and a suit of elven armor. 10. The Road Back: After staying in Esgaroth for a while Bilbo begins his travel home. He stops in the Elven forest of Mirkwood, and then apparently has a long journey home that is greatly shortened in the tale. The road back, although long, is an easy one because Bilbo travels with Gandalf and a man-bear named Beorn for most of the way. At last they eventually return to the Shire. 11. The 'Resurrection': Upon his arrival home, Bilbo discovers that all his friends and relatives had presumed him dead and auctioned off all of his possessions. Bilbo managed to buy back the majority of them from Hobbits who were exceptionally surprised to see him back and alive again. 12. The Conclusion: Bilbo arrives home as a Hobbit much more aquainted with adventure and with a greater spirit than the Hobbit he had been before. He finishes out by beginning the process of recording his epic tale. The Hobbit (Coming Soon to Theaters) - Joseph VanBuhler
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