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kenya prezi

jacob gillis

on 20 January 2012

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Transcript of kenya

Kenya this is a picture of fish in a corral reaf with fish this is the flag of kenya this is a map of kenya they selected this flag because the black represents the people of kenya,the red represents blood,the green represents nautural wealth,and the white represents peace.the Masai shield and spears represents the defence for freedom. Kenya's type of goverment is republic they became an indapendent country in 1963 the population of kenya is 29.5 million this is a picture of kenyas land this next video is about kenyas strugeling economic growth. languages

2]numores disidues languages religions

2]28%-roman catholic
3]26%-indiguos beliefs
4]8%-other life epantacy at birth
54.39(male-54.21,female-54.49) unployment rate

35%(as of1994) by:jacob gillis exports
1.9 billion
and patroliom inports
2.6 billion
patroliem ,
per capita income
1,600(2008) agricultural prducts
picktlerum,cashu nuts,fruits flowers, vegitables. major ethnic groups
teytiles,soap,sigerets,flour. land
eastern part of africa,equeter runs
right through it,great rift valley goes
through the western part of kenya
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