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Transformative UN Leadership Training Presentation

No description

winnie collate

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Transformative UN Leadership Training Presentation


Express your interest for taking the training in 2014 by emailing to UN.Transformation@earthlink.net
Geneva: 27 Feb., New York: 7 March, Addis: Sept.

 Suggest transformative co-trainers for Addis or Geneva and a potential host institution to mainstream this innovative training

Join the UN Transformation Network on

Engagement Opportunities

Transformative UN Leadership Training
by the UN Transformation Network

To develop capacities and skills of UN leaders who are interested in transforming the UN system.
To support those individuals at all levels, who aspire to enhancing the UN’s system overall effectiveness and relevancy.
To support inter-team collaboration and innovative results.
To create a community of innovators and change agents who can move the UN towards impact and a culture that enables the UN to continue to make a difference.

What is the purpose?

“Leaders are those people, regardless of title, past or role, who have a vision of how their work can have an even positive impact.”

What Is A Leader?

is the new development currency.”
- RBA Director Abdoulaye Mar Dieye

New levels of thinking and working are needed to be effective with the pressure, change and complexity we face every day.

If you are an innovator, change maker, or leader in the UN system, this course will help you develop your leadership and ability to make a difference.

Effectively engage in challenging interpersonal situations
Navigating bureaucracy, change and power dynamics
Building high performing, self directed, motivated teams
Understanding your own leadership style and values
Addressing complex challenges in your work environment
Managing stress, build trust and overcome obstacles
Sharing new ideas and encourage innovation

What you will learn?

For more information see:

Or email: UN.Transformation@earthlink.net
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