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Risks and Rewards of competing globally

No description

fares saleh

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Risks and Rewards of competing globally

Risks And Rewards of Competing Globally
A must for companies in today’s world
Key to be competitive in the industry
Reduce cost
Relocation of resources
Meet needs of different cultural consumers.

Le Château
Clothing Company - Built in 1959 in Montreal
1959-1999(1960, 1990, 1999 almost closed down) - no success
Why Le Chateau didn’t go to global?
No large investment & No more innovation
Starting innovation & Ignoring international marketing
Entered into international marketing & Lost competitive advantage, no money (after financial crises)
Bombardier Aerospace
Revenue: $9.4 billion
Customers in 100 countries
Presence in 29 countries
37,700 employees
Headquarters in Montreal

Why do customers prefer global companies?!
Price (China and Indonesia)
Strong Brand Recognition (Starbucks in
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
Quality and Services (products maintenance
and warranty - Apple)

Bombardier Transportation
Revenue: $8.8 billion
Customers in 60 countries
Presence in 40 countries
38,500 employees
Headquarters in Berlin, Germany

Customers from all over the world
Better sales
Gain greater market share
Develop sustainable growth
Getting more chances
Only require thoughtful preparation and analyses
Challenging to develop an international marketplace
Lose time and money
Going global is the key to success

Le chateau > great recession
Bombardier > smart company
Minghui Hu > Introduction
Zhaoxiong Gu > Le Château
Dewei Kong > Bombardier
YunKai Fan > Customer analysis
Faris Bahaddad > Conclusion

(Canadian Business, 2013)
(Bombardier Inc., 2014)
(Interviews with customers, 2014)
(Chandler, 1990)
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