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Back up

No description

Joy Service

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Back up

Goal Results Steps Instruments Training Create training centered around instruments to ensure that new sales reps have mastered Instruments in 90 days before moving to additional product training.

Essentially Instruments are a way in and we need to leverage those relationships. Additionally, all eLearning will be accessible after NHO so learners will have a familiarity with other products. Step 2: IMSU Instruments

IMSU Instruments will take place a few weeks after NHO. During this time we will train to the metrics approved by the RVPs and focus on sales. These metrics should be achieved within 90 days. Step 1: eLearning

Create interactive and engaging CBTs (Computer Based Training) that have a focus on identifying instruments, their uses, and basic anatomy so that sales reps have an understanding of common instruments. Step: 3 Evaluate and Calibrate

To ensure that goals are being met, Joy Service will meet with RVPs and Sales Reps. Purpose of these encounters are to evaluate training methodology and if metrics are obtainable. Joy will also conduct a calibration session with RVPs to determine if the reps is ready to move to IMSU Surgical Devices or what other training may be needed. Metrics IMS Sales Team is considered a partner for our clients which will lead to more growth in other products. 2 Van Demos a month
Revenue Growth in Instruments
PMIs facilitated
Tray Rotation
Tray Planner Demos
Calls to SPD and Team Leaders More knowledgeable sales team, more focused coaching from the TMs and RVPs, and the opportunity to "manage" out if sales reps do not meet metrics within 90 days.
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