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the giver

No description

alberto aguilar

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of the giver

the giver what are some conflicts in "The Giver"? "the giver"is supposed to be a utopian society which leads to different problems to some people like not being able to do what you want with your life or having choices that you want a utpian society, like in "The Giver", would most likely look like this in the real world you have so many choices that you will not have in "The Givers". For example, like what you will like to do with your life and what career you want like an aerospace engineer or something like that. in the giver you only get three chances and if you get all three strikes you get "realeaesd" or killed in our world you dont get 3 strikes and get killed thats unless you do somethig really bad. In reality you get alot of chances but you got to go to court to be proven inoccent . If you are proven guilty you go to juvinille detention center (if your under the age of 18) ,prison, or jail. the connection between or world and the giver is that in the book the story is about a utopian society but in the real world its never going to be a utopian society but they both try to make their world in which they live in a much better place then it is now
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