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Orlando Grier

No description

orlando grier

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Orlando Grier

Thank You!
My name is orlando Grier my birthday is in may 27 2000 I am 14 years old I am a gemini that means that i could have two sides of me and i like to do fun things.
My favorite food without a doubt is chinese food my favorite past time activities are sleeping my favorite color for clothes are orange and for things that i buy is green. My favorite type of gift to receive is a money
I want to leave an impact on the world by making the world a better place by helping cleaning it up and recycling to keep it clean.The greatest gift i can give humanity is to clean up the Earth and make it abetter place to live in. If i were rich and did not need to work but still had to work i would still try to become a surgeon because that is what i want to do.
I can be better than i am by achieving my goals and getting good grades in school.I can leave the world better than it is by keeping it clean and doing something or making something that will leave an impact on the the world and people will remember it long after I am gone.
Orlando Grier
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