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Important People of the European Union

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Blake Cwynar ;)

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Important People of the European Union

The Founding Fathers of the European Union
Johan Willem Beyen
Dutch politician
His "Beyen Plan" helped with European integration in the 1950's
Joseph Bech
Politician from Luxembourg
He helped establish the European Coal and Steel Company
A joint memorandum from the Benelux countries led to the convening of the Messina Conference in June 1955, which paved the way for the European Economic Community
Sicco Mansholt
The first European Commissioner responsible for Agriculture
He presented many of the ideas of the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union
Was convinced that food needed to be affordable and available to everyone
Walter Hallstein
The first President of the European Commission (1958 to 1967)
Through enthusiasm and persuasion, he was a major factor in European integration
Konrad Adenauer
The first chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany
Konrad and French President Charles de Gaulle signed a treaty to end the long-time rivalry between France and Germany
This action was a major contribution to European integration
Winston Churchill
A former army officer
War reporter
British Prime Minister (1940-45 and 1951-55)
Called for a "United States of Europe"
This, he thought, would be the only solution for peace in Europe
Alcide De Gasperi
Italian Prime Minister from 1945 to 1953
He promoted initiatives aimed at the integration of Western Europe
Worked on the realisation of the Marshall Plan
Helped to create close economic ties with other European countries
Jean Monnet
French political and economic adviser
He inspired the idea of the Schuman Plan
He held high-level positions during both world wars relating to the coordination of industrial production in France and the United Kingdom
He was also once a cognac dealer
Robert Schuman
Lawyer and French foreign minister between 1948 and 1952
He worked with Jean Monnet to develop the Schuman Plan
It was published on May 9, 1950, which is now thought of as the birth date of the European Union
Robby proposed joint control of coal and steel production
Paul-Henri Spaak
Belgian politician who played a leading role in creating the Treaty of Rome
He was appointed the president of the working committee in charge of writing the treaty at the Messina Conference
Altiero Spinelli
This Italian politician was the leading figure behind the European Parliament's proposal for a Treaty on a federal European Union (or the Spinelli Plan)
Played an important role in strengthening future European treaties
"European Union." EUROPA - European Union Website, the Official EU Website. European Union, n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2013.
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