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Marriage today: The American way of UNtying the knot?

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Brittany Abiera

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Marriage today: The American way of UNtying the knot?

Marriage today: The American
way of
tying the knot? Today I will talk to you about:
The growth rate of divorce

Examples in the media of the changes According to the Northwest Marriage and Family Movement, “Over the last several decades, marriage in our nation has declined, while cohabitation, divorce and unmarried childbearing have increased.” Credibility--> I am:
among the population that has not yet been married and consider it a high priority on my list.
striving to promote monogamy and to bring back the classic notion of love. According to a survey done by Pewresearch.org, people who are married are more happy than non-married, why is this if we see divorce a lot? Divorce rates have been on the rise:
According to Psychology Today, "In the U.S., divorce rates have been rising since the beginning of the 20th century, and especially since the 1970s, when no-fault divorce was instituted." UN The growth rate of divorce Defined by Broward College, no-fault divorce "Allows couples to divorce without having to prove that either partner was at fault before the marriage's breakdown." Now that we've taken a brief look at the statistics, lets look at some known examples in the media today. Examples in the media of the changes Examples in the media of the changes ast we see more shows today with divorced parents or shows with content concerning cheating and "hooking up" Vs. resent p Divorced...he cheated on her with Barbara Jean Catching and showing footage of cheating partners John & Kate Gosselin, divorced Since: 1996 Since: 2000 Since: 2001 Since: 2009
Since: 1960 Since: 1969 PAST PRESENT The growth rate of divorce

Examples in the media of the changes Today I have talked
to you about: Based on a mass survey, 93% of us rated marriage above a 7 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest of priority)

If we have a central focus about getting married, and the statistics contradict that with the amount of divorces, can we be the generation to reverse the slip in marriages and renew its traction? Can we reverse the divorce rate and bring the long lost perfect love scene to back to life? What happened to this?
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