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1st period Poetry Place 2013

No description

Mark Schoenfeld

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of 1st period Poetry Place 2013

Coffee Eyes
By: David H

Coffee Eyes,
Warm, with lots of cream.

Mane of breakfast gold,
The color of crunchy toast.

Soft ears, silky, smooth, milk.

Fur, not quite white, not quite yellow, butter.

Coffee Eyes,
Warm, with lots of cream.
They stare at me, asking for the crust of my bread.

Begging for breakfast.

First Period
Poetry Place

Shell Silverstein
Langston Hughes
William Shakespeare
Emily Dickinson
Billy Collins
Robert Frost
Tupac Shakur
They Say
They say this generation will fail.
They say we are too attached to our screens.
Yet they depend on us
To clean up the messes they've made.
Obesity, pollution and wars.
Their messes.
And still they say this generation will fail.
But I disagree.
Because before you judge us make sure your hands are clean.

By Katey
Guns are awesome
Shoot’en at opossum
Guns are super cool
If you don’t like them you’re a fool
Guns go bang bang bang bang
They rock we sang
Guns kill a bunch of stuff
We manufacture guns but we’ll never have enough
Ya’ll guns are cool they rock our world
Guns are more precious to us than a pearl
I don’t know what we would do without guns
No more fathers bonding with there sons
AK m16 g36 aug m4!
There are so meany types of guns and more
The best thing ever invented was the gun
There the powerhouse behind all the wars Americas won
Guns shoot to kill
Bullets flying over hills
Guns are golden
by the finest hands there molded
the best thing anyone ever did was shoot a gun
there so powerful nothing compares to them
guns guns guns guns
they rock our world

by Emmett
The Predator
The murky dark waters are its hunting grounds
Swift and confident it moves without a sound
Its ebony eyes pierce the soul of any living prey
With teeth like meat hooks
And fins slicing through the water
The Goldfish

Soft . . . Flaky

Kids running
and playing on a winter
day. Fluffy falling from the sky.
Kids packing that stuff together. Swoosh
as they throw it in the air like dancers in the

By: Adrian
Nothing stops growing,
It’s always age or height.

Things must be
“Bigger” and “Better”

Plants changing,
People Changing,
The world is changing.


By: Nolan

By: Henry
By Max

For thousands of years this world has seen cruelty, violence, pain, and pollution from the inhabitance that abuse it, HUMANS

When it gives us nothing below life, safety, and love


We tear down the homes
Of its animals, and we kill our
World in that we tear down our common home EARTH

If some of us plant a forest it will only be broken down by thousands more of us

To our world we are parasites in a symbiotic relationship, yet this world stands


The Thing
By: Jack

There is a thing I want,
it will bring change,
too much change, but I want it.

If I get it,
I will feel guilty, but joyful,
it will give me much,
but it comes with a price.

This thing that haunts me,
takes the form of a block,
as dark as blackest night,
This is the thing I want.

Canyon Views

Tall trees,
The skyscrapers of the forest
Shading your eyes
From the intense rays.
Dirt snuggled under dying leaves.
The earth warm,
Until the cold wind
Blows its sheets off the bed.
The rocks holding the earth
Together ,
Just like minds and mouths hold
In secrets.
Water so clear crystals get jealous.
You look down at the bottom as the
Bottom looks up at you.
Large gravel paths
Telling your clueless
Feet where to go.
Large fire pits warming
Up fingers and hearts,
Swallowing up tons of wood
Never to be seen again.
Cedar trees as far as the
Eye can see, wrapping up the earth
And holding in its secrets.

By Keller

One side full of BIG cities here and there
With TALL buildings that TOWER over everything
But on the other side
Small towns scattered there and here
With not as many TALL buildings that TOWER over everything

Borrowed line poem
There is a deep secret that nobody knows,
the one that I bury down as far as it will go,
It sits in wait for wait for me to finally tell,
the secret I wish I could only yell,
But I leave the words unspoken,
for nobody can know,
my deepest darkest secret which I will never let go.

Borrowed line poem

If I should die think only this of me, there is a reason for death.
I began as a seed growing and making my way up to the top. Like any other
person I make mistakes but all you have to do is get back up. I am someone who
fought for what I believed even if it was absurd.
If I did die I want to be remembered as someone whom when she received something it was because of
and explored life. But now it’s my time to go.
her hard work and accomplishments. I know that when I die it would be after I have really experienced

Maya Angelou
UNTIL THE BUZZER Tick tock oh no
why so little time,
is there time to pass
is there time to look at the clock no
why does the ball have to be in my hands
this isn’t right I have to pass no,
no time to think just to act ok, ok just got to throw something up it’s up it looks good swish

Jordan Nichols

Annoying Things V.4
Jacob K.
Wet socks! hairless cats!
those weird banana Strings!
we were given these
but we have failed
to know there
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