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Prezi 4 Librarians Class Tutorial Videos

These short videos were created by Prezi. This prezi will help reinforce concepts covered in class. The template was purchased for $5 from Prezibase and called Interactive Media.

Kathy Blick

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Prezi 4 Librarians Class Tutorial Videos

Getting Started with Prezi 4 Librarians
Get Started in Prezi
Getting to Know
the Prezi Editor
Tutorial Videos from Prezi.com
Using Templates in Prezi
Navigating the Canvas
The Editor
Move the elements
Create a unique layout
How do I Add Text to My Prezi
Changing Fonts in Prezi
Using Frames
in Prezi
Inserting a URL
Replacing an Image
Adding Effects to Images
Inserting an Image
Inserting a Video
Inserting Layouts
Using Themes
Sharing Your Prezi
Move the elements
Create a unique layout
Setting Your Path
Sharing Your Prezi
Download a Portable
Embedding Your Prezi
Printing Your Prezi
Downloading Your Prezi
as a PDF
compiled by Kathy
Importing from PowerPoint
Changing Fonts in Prezi
This prezi based on Futuristic Screen template.
by http://www.prezibase.com
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