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Ethnic groups in the Philippines

No description

Nicole Chua

on 23 July 2013

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Transcript of Ethnic groups in the Philippines

LUZON: Ifugao
Islands in Visayas, Sulu Archipelago, Zamboanga Peninsula

Sulu, Tawi-Tawi

Current issues:
1. Recently involved in the fight between the land of Sabah

2. Involved in many warfare, violence

3. Military-centered, traditions are seldom practiced
Ethnic Communities of
The Philippines

province in Cordillera Administrative Region

agricultural terracing and farming as sources of livelihood.

Social status is measured by material possessions.

Houses are well built - characterized by square with wooden floors, windowless walls, and pyramidal thatch roofs
Current Issues:
Expert fishermen, deep sea divers, and navigators - livelihood

A leader is chosen based on individual inherent virtues, wisdom, and “charisma”...an innate ability to attract followers
1. Banaue rice terraces - no longer part of the UNESCO's 10 wonders of the world

2. Hungduan -7 out of 10 farmers cannot afford to maintain the terraces

3. The Ifugao farmers want the military out of their villages
Current Issues:
1. Constant change from one place to another - marginalized community

2. No access to social services

3. Needs are determined on a day-to-day basis

4. Poverty
Experienced sailors known for their colorful boats or vintas

Superb warriors and craftsmen

Sultan as the sole sovereign of the Sultanate - patrilineal system
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